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>Be Ubisoft
>Make great theme music for X
>Cut it from your game in the next content patch
Every fucking time.

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they did this with The Crew also

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ITT: 300 links no one clicks or responds to

I always listen to all of them. This is how I discover new shit.

I hover over it, if i see anime i don't click
The only gacha I wish was a proper game. So many talents wasted.
Barely 2 mins long and it's so good.

gachashit was a mistake

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You've never even heard of it before but it's a tune.

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I finished the second game yesterday and can't even remember what the final boss music was, not sure if that's because it was bad or this absolute banger just completely eclipses it.

tranny trash

I know most of you guys don't like destiny, but a lot of the tracks in game are great. Pastabro rarely fucks up.

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it'd be 2 or 4 if xenomorph had eyes, but since apparently they don't it's none