Xbox Series X is having a third-party showcase May 7th

>Xbox Series X is having a third-party showcase May 7th
>Capcom still has unannounced games for this 2020 fall
>In fall 2020 DMC5 will be approximately 1.5 years old. Similar time span as between World-Icebourne
>DMC4SE was also a next gen title and utilized the extra hardware for faster loading, Turbo, LDK etc; all requested DMC5 features

Do you feel it bros? It's coming.

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DMC4SE came out a fucking decade after DMC4, retard.

It was originally planned to start development right after DMC4. But then the whole Inafune western outsourcing push happened.

give up, DMCucks, it's time for Dogma 2

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Sit your ass down, doubter. My dad works at capcom and told me it's coming soon.

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DMC and Dragons Dogma aren't even going to have the same dev teams going forward.

Honestly I'd be cool with either

Is this an official render?

Never ever, DMCuck

Cope and seethe, DMChads always win in the end. Dont forget that.

Itsuno literally confirmed that the DMC5 team and the New Project team are seperate last year but nobody paid attention.

DMC5SE is by a different director like Dark Arisen.

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I think its official but I've only seen it posted here.

Capcom vs Xbox

it's happening

Just make it Capcom only.

5SE is the game that lets the DMC team work without Itsuno so they're used to it for DMC6 because Itsuno is done with the series, similarly to how Itsuno used 4SE to show a bunch of younger staff how making DMC works before making 5 with them. I'd bet Dragon's Dogma 2 had design concepts done before DMC5 went gold and started full development as soon as it did go gold (or at least after the team celebrated going gold).

If we go by "only" can I have a Marvel vs Marvel only game?

Yes but it's made by NRS

>western outsourcing push
it was actual joint western development he wanted, he said work with western devs to get new ideas, thats why Dead rising 2 is a mix of blue castle games and the DR1 team.

To be completely honest with you, after Infinite I don't even think Capcom is capable of developing a good MvC game. Can it, just make Dragon's Dogma 2.

>it was actual joint western development he wanted, he said work with western devs to get new ideas

Seeing how Yaiba turned out with him as the producer. I'm glad it was short lived.

Dragons Dogma is a completely different division from the fighting games.


A big part of the RE engine investment with DMC5 is to make new DMC games easier to make for new devs.

Capcom's E3 plans are supposedly a new IP at Xbox. Resident Evil 8 at Sony. If there's a DMC V SE it's probably going to be at whatever IGN's doing since its just an upgrade on the original game.

>being excited about buying the same game again
As if it was worth being excited about in the first place when we know they aren't giving vergil his own missions or updating lady and trish. No new costumes or difficulty modes.

Damn right. I already bought vanilla DMC5 twice

dont care about crapcom, give me saints row 5


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DMC isn't getting an SE anytime soon, Itsuno is working on DD2.

Just give up.

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Yeah i'm sure they will need a whole new team and director to add into the game two new costumes and a new playable character. Imagine the amount of work!

The DMC5 team would be the ones doing DMC5:SE, not the new team. And presumable it's not that large.

Not that large anymore, that is.

No, DMC5 team has already said they are done with DMC5, and part of the DMC team is now busy helping M-Two with RE4R

>implying itsuno is needed for a small expansion

Itsuno is not working with the DMC team anymore, DMC team is working on whatever is next for DMC (wheteher it's 5SE or DMC6 is anyone's guess) while Itsuno is now working with a different team on a new project