Visual novels are not allowed anymore on steam

>visual novels are not allowed anymore on steam
how will steam drone defend this ?

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Subahibi does the same thing where you need a patch to access the 90+% of the rest of the gae

>The schizo with bad English who is obsessed with valve is a German
Are you that kid they arrested for leaking HL2?

It still amazes me they can manage to put erotic content on steam at all, payment processors HATE adult content

no one cares idiot

>visual novels are not allowed anymore on steam
Thank fucking god. I'm tired of that low effort trash on steam. I hope the RPGMaker crap is next on the chopping block.

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Good, let them come to GOG.

Rance any day now

Reminder than his gf is actually a male


>no vns allowed
theres literally a golden week sale with tons of vns
also kys for creating a twitter thread

Probably some buttblasted Turk
>inb4 same thing

Visual novels aren't games.

Just download the EGS if you want """curated content""" so badly, you commie fuck

Great. They have some of the laziest incompetent storytelling, mediocre art, and often lack anything resembling gameplay. Removing them would get rid of one of the biggest chunks of low-effort garbage that's been filling Steam.

Nothing to do with curated content and everything to do with quality control. Clicking through textboxes so some weeaboo waifu can tell you a bedtime story isn't video games.

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Why do you hate the free market so much? Especially when Steam already gives you all the options to filter out content you don't like

It would only be a positive, even as someone who likes them
VNs on steam was a terrifying prospect and despite people droning on and on about it helping the market it hasn't resulted in any "big name" acquisitions, all that's happened is publishers took that extra income and bought more shovelware

How is it NOT free market forces acting if a storefront decides they don't want trashy, lewd, low-effort content cluttering up their catalog of merchandise? If those pieces of shit were making them money or good for their brand, they'd obviously want to keep them around. You're like one of those free speech fags that thinks their constitutional rights are being infringed because a private company doesn't let you say nigger on their platform lol

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Shitty written porn anime books are not allowed on steam? Oh no whatever will I do?!?

Now find me a major platform that will host these kind of games. Cause MS/Sony/Nintendo/Epic sure as fuck wouldn't without them being censored or an all ages version.

Do you know how much fucking utter trash is on Steam? It's about time they started deleting the thousands of no effort 0.99 cent games on the store while they're at it.
What type of faggots are buying visual books anyway? Read an actual fuckin' book, y'might learn something.

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>Non videogames aren't allowed on a platform that sells videogame
This is bad because?

based most steam drones are visual novel fags, they will kill themselves kek

>how will steam drone defend this ?
why would I defend it? Based Steam dabbing on dem weebs


It's not a free market when the Merchant's Guild regulates the marketplace.

Mangagamer unfortunately got Sengoku Rance taken off Steam, so now you have to buy it on their website.

Fuck M*ngagamer, just pirate it like a rational human being

Of course, but this is a buyfag thread.

Too many VNs to give a shit about. I stopped purchasing them impulsively years ago. This has been going on for at least 2 years now. Not my problem they can't reinvent their distribution methods and is stuck with Steam and Web 1.0-looking websites to peddle their shit

>it's not free market when a private entity doesn't do what I want!

go kill yourself you literal retard

>i'm tired of crap that I could just filter being available to players that want to play it because I don't like it
wew, lad. way to give up your freedoms. better hope you're not on the other side one day.

Keep VNs away from westerners, keep them untouched.

>I stopped purchasing them impulsively years ago
>Buying them in the first place

Kill yourself.

>visual novels
Nobody cares

>love visual novels
>never bought a single one
>never will

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Good. Get H-games off steam entirely. If you dont have the balls to allow all fetishes, you shouldnt be in that market. Steams policies are allowing two tasteless westerners with an "approve" button shape the future of the Japanese H-games and its fucking cancer.


based, wish i had one too

Didn't they say a while back they were going to prune the trash from the store? Maybe this is a extension of that?