Elden ring on xbox event

news about elden ring on the 7TH OF MAY on the XBOX EVENT

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NOT CONFIRMED, however it literally has to happen. its third party focused..


>not confirmed
Everyone to back to shitposting

it's either there or the IGN E3 event


Doubt it. This event is too small for From's biggest game (they never show new stuff on small/noname events), and Microsoft will probably want to show next gen games instead of current gen ones. The important stuff is happening in June, expect to see Elden Ring then

It's just gonna be another gay western trailer with some boy band singing in the background to clips spoiling half the bosses.
Fucking hate how From lets publishers make different trailers for the west.

i doubt

First gameplay trailer is always made by From, not Bamco. From's trailers don't have "some boy band singing in the background"
>spoiling half the bosses
How else are they supposed to make a trailer, show only game's logo without any gameplay? Maybe they shouldn't even show that the game has swords and shields because that's a spoiler too

actually i think the boy band thing did happen with dark souls 1, a trailer published by bandai namco.

the bosses are probably the biggest draw in the Souls games for the majority of players, spoiling them is a dick move
Wolnir for example would have been much more surprising

Wolnir ended up being pretty surprising since they moved him In a completely different location

lol screenshot this

It would generate a lot more hype within the already huge fanbase if they showed stuff like RPG mechanics in the trailer. Your leveling systems, skill trees or whatever new additions. Showed new weapons and locations.
No need to spoil bosses at all.


Noname events lol,solusfags are literal cancer

>The only gameplay consists of bosses

Bloodborne/DS3 babs actually believe this.

Bloodborne on PC when? Its like Sony hates money

Worst fanbase since nintendo

Hi jason schrier here:it gonna be same as all other fuckazaki games.

>when BB has the most interesting and complex enemies

hmm i dont believe jews, sorry!

>DS1 fan salty because 70% of the bosses in his favourite DS are absolute shit


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Imagine the OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHs if they actually show Elden Ring

we have SIX days to wait, if nothing then... ohhh the pain.

lol fucking incel

>Xbox event shows Elden Ring
>PS event shows Demon's Souls Remastered
>Everyone buys a PS5 so they can play both
Easy win for Sony.

bravo miyazaki

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No need to watch trailers. The first gameplay trailer will never show many bosses, but the ones after that will. So watch the first trailer and then don't watch anything else.