How do you respond without sounding mad?

How do you respond without sounding mad?

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bg, very hard

gg wp

absolutely seething

get in first

Let's coom together

scream noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

have sex

You don't, and you don't need to. The whole reason of the "GG EZ" is to get ANY respond just to follow up with some shit right after. Why would you play this game to beginn with is beyond me.

cry more faggot

>feeding the troll
Don't respond, idiot.

ignore it and yell at your team for being shit, the quit before the lobby dissolves for some reason

randomly ask "asuka or rei?" to distract everyone.

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You don't, by nature of losing you have already been owned and need to take whatever is sent your way on the chin. The only way to beat a GG EZ is to not lose in the first place.

"u too lmao"

just put this in chat:

"tits or ass"

"Hang yourself nigger"

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I didn't have actual team mates.

why would you mask your emotions? you have nothing to prove to shitters online.


Everyone above me is clearly assblasted mad, cry more

start drunkenly rambling for hours, uninterrupted like i do every game

For me, it's Rei Ayanami, the best EVA pilot

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yes, so what? not everyone can be an apathetic loser

I have no response because I never lose.

If you sincerely have to spend time and energy thinking about how to reply without sounding mad, then you were mad, and you've already lost.

Yeah yeah good game very good let's do another one but this time don't use a fucking bullshit weapon you absolute faggot. You are what is wrong with this game and the developers keep to cocksuckers like you holy shit why are they so retarded what the fuck is wrong with the entire industry and why do we give them money for being so goddamn incompetent i hate this but i can't stop it.

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Shut up faggot, Rei is just a dumb machine, a doll, Asuka has an actual personality

I don't because I have muted everyone at the start of the round.

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ur mum is ez lol
then promptly leave the chat/game or reverse any retort by converting it into a ur mom joke

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Haven't seen this thread in a while
Cant say I missed it



Asuka is the doll, the whole point about Asuka calling Rei a doll is to show to the viewers the insecurities she projects into other people. She is NERV's puppet, her entire identity revolves around being an obedient angel-killing machine. As long as she satisfies her masters, she can happily live with the illusion of being her own person. But as soon her EVA is taking away from her, she falls right on her face and becomes catatonic, like marionette that had its treads cut. Without the identify NERV provided her with, she's nothing
Meanwhile, Rei is the one to disobey Gendo to reclaim her true identify, transcending into a God in the process.
25 years and Asukafags are still seething

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say it first no matter what. you literally can't win against gg ez