Why, exactly, "no Russian"?

Why, exactly, "no Russian"?

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I think he was saying don't speak Russian, or it will give away who we are

No Russian language so their attack would be perceived as an outside job and would give the ultranationalist Russian government an excuse to attack America.


That's fine and all, but these are the most russian looking dudes out there.

He was telling them to act slow and deliberately.

>"Dont speak russian, so the guys will think we really are americans
>hey, also lets wear no masks whatsoever
>oh, and lets shout "For Zakhaev!" really loud before we attack the police with riot shields

What a bunch of brainlets.

joseph allen is alex

why would he say it in english?

He meant that they shouldn't shoot any russians, for obvious reasons.


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theyre in eastern europe so everyone looks like them.

It's a fairly famous subtitling error. He was actually saying, "no rushing."

The player character runs ahead, that's why he gets shot.

It was to hide the identity of Makarov and his group. The player character didn't know it at the time but Makarov knew Allen was American from the beginning and had planned to kill you. By leaving a dead CIA agents body at the scene it would mislead people into thinking the attack was planned by the United States.


What exactly was Russias plan? Even if we were to assume they could sneak past NATO to the east coast of USA unseen because of "muh radar down"

>send entire military and land on east coast
>start fucking shit up
>USA sends entire military
>Allies send entire military
>Russia surrounded

I don't get it

Get off the computer, Shirou

Are you fucking stupid

Hes saying to aim only at tourists
Russia is only for Russians. MRGA

>"remember, have sex"

he literally gave you the reason what are you not getting

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they're in moscow airport

Did you actually play this level? If so and you still need to ask this question, you are beyond redeeming.

I don't know how you've managed to live this long

>Says No Russian
>only speaks when everyone is dead or while theyre alone

>give Allen a bunch of tattoos to make him look Russian
>the entire point of him even being on the team is so they can false-flag the Americans as the perpetrators

Then again, going by the days listed on the missions, Allen was put into Makarov's team after only a single day so none of it makes any sense anyway.

To be fair they are shouting it at people they are already killing, who's gonna tell?

They werent trying to fool the Russian feds. They were trying to fool the people in the airport.

They don't want to speak any Russian, because they know that there's an American double agent in their midst. At the end of the operation, one of the terrorists makes a dismissive comment. "That was a message!"

Makarov turns, shoots (you), the American agent through the skull, and says that was the message. The whole point is to speak English, commit an atrocity, then leave an American at the end of it, showing them to be responsible to start a conflict between Russia and America, to bolster America's military, as Shepherd is upset that nobody cared about the losses in the military because the fight wasn't in America.

The fight being the nuclear explosion during the first Modern Warfare, sorry.

"I lost fifty-thousand men in the blink of an eye, and the world just fuckin' watched!"