Assassin's Creed Valhalla Won't Launch On Steam

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no buy then


>why is egs giving out all these free games
because now people will buy games like ass creed on egs and not uplay

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oh no
not assassin's creed

>Playing Ass Creed in 2020
>Buying Ubisoft games in 2020

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>expecting it in the first place when ubisoft is a sellout for epic

Assassin's Creed is Spyro with swords. It's not meant to be played seriously, it's meant to be a comfy background game while you watch TV. There aren't many non turn based games that are good for this purpose, but AC is one of them and I appreciate that.

Do people still care about AC? I never see any threads about the games unless it's to shill them or shit on them.

i'll just buy it on uplay then lol

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People still buy ACs? 1 and 4 were the only good ones. And even then, they weren't really that good. PS2's prince of persian sands of time is probably the only really good ubisoft game.


Don't smear Spyro like that, you zoomer.
And why do you pay for it if you aren't going to actually play it?

AC is a trash franchise but the last two were acceptable so...Uplay via instantgaming i guess

I bought it on Epic and on Uplay. Never put your eggs in one goat people. Pre-order Assassin's Creed Valhalla now.

>imagine sucking gabens dick so hard you won't buy games anywhere else

But this isn't investment.

This is how you can spot an epic shill. By them pretending Ubisoft using their own relatively okay distribution platform is the same as their own piece of spyware buying out games for them to die on there shitty store. I'm genuinely mad that samsho is epic exclusive because snk games already sell like shit on PC and pulling some exclusivity shit is only going to make the game deader than rev2

Who are you quoting?

1. GOG
2. Steam
3. Everything else (excluding Epic)

i've never bought an ass creed game and will continue to not buy them
kill yourself retard

you and them

How can anyone defend steam? The platform is responsible for the death of pc gaming.

> the game is literally not an epic exclusive
> steamdrones are mad anyways because it's not on steam

Wow just like Forhonor and Uplay
>berzerker and raider adventures while talking to cutie shamans
Jesus fuck I wish /fhg/ wasn’t on break

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Don't you still need to install that piece of shit Uplay for it anyways? Might as well get 1 launcher instead of 2.

noo user you need to defend gaben he saved video gaming with making lootboxes popular, sucking publisher dick, encoring multiplatform asset flip faggotry

Why the fuck would you care about Assassin's Creed games, let alone buy them, let alone fucking preorder them?

Why make the distinction with 2020? The series has not produced a single good game.

>Not pirating Ubishit if not outright ignoring it.

They're both collectathons with mindless combat, there's no difference and neither requires full attention. They're comfy games to play while you're more focused on TV and have never been anything more. If you love Spyro while besmirching AC then you're a fucking retard because they're the same shit.

It doesnt even have online features.

>getting excited for ubishit games
No one cares that Division 2 is still only on EGS

Holy shit I missed you user.
It's been a while since I last saw you spamming Epic threads.

Doesn't bother me too much. I torrent all Ubisoft games anyway. They run better torrented

>1 and 4
The first one was literally the same mission a few times before killing the last boss. Possibly the worst asscreed.