Worst party member

>worst party member
>best girl (alongside chie, who is not a bad party member but still)
Why Atlus did this?

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Naoto destroys random encounters with ease.
Random encounters make up 99% of fights.
Being useful 99% of the time = useless according to Yas Forums

Not to Yas Forums, I'm not the whole Yas Forums

>insta-kills most mobs on her own
>has a skill that protects WHOLE TEAM from EVERYTHING
>worst party member
absolutely fucking retarded

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>Being useful 99% of the time
>only present in the last 5 minutes of the game

wooooow she sure is fucking useful


I love Naoto. Cucking Kanji is a sad side effect but he cannot have her.

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>Worst party member
Found the retard who've played the inferior version

Damn right because Kanji is for Rise

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But I played Golden, why would I even touch the inferior ps2 crap?

>PS2 version

Fuck no. Thanks for reminding me that I still have to delete this shit from my vita though

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What a faggot

Enjoy your Marie wank feast, easier game and cringe autistic cutscenes

She was pretty useless in the original release. The devs buffed her considerably in the subsequent version.

>muh marie

post danc

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>most of the new content that golden adds is Marie related
>"muh marie"

Boo, get new material

in golden she goes from "trash mob killer" tier to "could probably beat margaret" tier

even in OG she was great to have because she cleared all encounters. By the time you get her your protag can probably solo all bosses in 3-4 rounds so it doesn't matter anyway

she was also the best dancer in DaN, change my mind


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>that décolletage

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>chiefag for over a decade
>play golden and DaN last year
>naoto won me over, and I now realize how wrong I was now that I'm older

forgive my years of shitposting in waifu wars, I have now seen the light

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Why not both?
>hurr one waifu only
I agree, but still can't help but to love them both

You HAVE to choose, user

What are you a tomboy centrist?

Okay, Naoto then
Only Chie is tomboy, Naoto is reverse trap

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In Persona Q she is absolutely broken and even one-shots a F.O.E. at one point in the game.

>button up décolletage
>suspenders accentuating her rack tifa style
>sailor tie
>still has her cute hat

literally unbeatable

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Glad to see that she decided not to wear her stupid long hair anymore. This style is very suitable for a mature woman like herself at this picture


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Sorry, but we dont talk about P4G here.
No one plays that game since its only on Dead Consoles

Speak for yourself nigger

why does crosstag gotta be dead bros...

Cut Rise and Yukiko and it's perfect

Because Fighting Games are still very niche outside of Japan. Most people don‘t want to invest a certain amount of time to learn the game and a character before they can play.

Its 2020 now, be a nigger, nigger.

>BBTAG died with Yumi is her current state
This sucks.

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Vanillafags are so predictable, it hurts.
Golden is the definitive and canon version, you can't change that no matter how much you bitch and whine. Marie is optional, the only content directly related to her is her S. Link and dungeon, which are both avoidable and ultimately not mandatory.
Get better material. I can't think of a single objective reason to why Golden is somehow worse than the OG. You are just an autistic faggot.

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>mfw I played P4 multiple times and never used anything but the first three characters

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>worst party member
>worst character in the entire franchise
Why Atlus did this?

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