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no thanks

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Looks meh

does it have local side or all server side?

If not eat shit fag

>Japan only
>probably only coming to the west in at least 7+ years that is if it actually sells well
>free to play

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Not touching your gook shit.

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japs don't have souls

>free to play Japan only MMORPG with "active" combat

when the fuck will japs understand they should stop making quick cash grabs MMOs when they can just make an actual sub-only international MMO that doesnt fucking suck?
FFXIV is currently fucking dominating right now and they have no fucking idea why

Is it another theme park?
Fucking dropped

What isn't a theme park nowadays anyway
They're all theme parks


I dunno, FF14 is simultaneously an example of how to fuck things up too
Most companies wouldn't go back to the drawing board back then

lmao no thanks

>bandai namco makes an mmo
>it isn't a .hack themed mmo
I'll still play it, but I'm still disappointed.

>FFXIV is currently fucking dominating right now and they have no fucking idea why
Because it has the final fantasy moniker in it.
If they named it anything else, it would have flopped.


cant wait to see the cash shop and microtransaction model
its whats gonna kill the game instantly when it comes out

we dont have to do anything those games kill themselves without any help

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>Is it another themepark
Yes, because it sell the best
>Why not sub?
Because sub based model don't sell anymore or really just don't get off some sort of loyalist niche, beside F2P means they can shovel down playerbase throats all kind of microtransaction shit
F2P literally prints money more than sub and b2p does at the cost of consistent quality


did u say free pog

If it was an offline single player game I'd give it a try

Formerly known as 【CHUCKU】

I played the beta, Ask me anything.

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Take me back to the classic days of quick and easy anime mmos with simply tab target systems
Living in Australia means no matter where they put servers for these action games I'll get trash ping

Is there a muscle slider?.
If not can i make a trap instead?.


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What the fuck are you doing with your life?

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Have you tried it? It's pretty fun.

OH no I used the nono word!

FFXIV flopped hard actually, it's why it got better.

There's a slider that controls overall thiccness of the body for both male and female.
You have 3 basic body types: milf, standard anime girl, and loli.
There's also a height slider for all combinations.

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>Tranny Fantasy XIV is currently fucking dominating

If it comes to the west I will play it.

Jew loli was fun to watch.

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So how is the gameplay then.
What classes you have if there are any.

I always see people going THEMEPARK BAD but they never explain why.

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Looks fun, but;
>Japan only
No thanks.

There are only 4 classes currently: Sword+shield (which I played), archer, spellcaster, and melee DPS.
Every class has built-in heal spells so there's no dedicated support class.

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> Lazy Peon
Wasnt he the idiot, who got criticize for giving FFXIV a bad rating, but then he act like
> woow, the community is so toxic, i got death threats, so i have to take off the video

is the milf class the one with the biggest boobies? if not, which is the class with the biggest boobies? and how skimpy and bouncy are the outfits? asking the important questions here

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It's not out yet so who cares. When it's out I'll play

>Asian MMO

How about no

do they ip block people who arent from japan/dont have a japanese email?

Probably will erp in there for a few days and move on.

It was also found out he was a dirty erping catgirl nd he gf was a catboy and fucked him. Also he bitches about the quests not all being voiced so he has to read but then he goes on about WoW has great questing but you had to read them.

>No pvp
Fucking gay

Fuck off pvp fag. You and your ilk need to fuck off and stop trying to put pvp in every mmo.

lol get the fuck out of here ching chong

Combat is pretty smooth, but skills are rather limited.
My class can make some pretty nice combos, but skills are rather limited.

The devs said that skills and classes have been the #1 feedback so far, so I guess they'll be reworking the classes a bit.

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