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Remake when?



*steps on your patch*

lbp2 will forever have a special pace in my heart for introducing me to Ochre, I've been listening to this guy religiously for almost 10 years now

Why? Just make LBP4

whenever the Dreams community dies probably

Because 3 was average and 4 will be worse

I feel like if they just ported LBP2 to PS4 instead of ever making LBP3 the community would still be alive today.

they should just remaster it and release a complete version for the ps4 or 5 that has all the games and all the content from the games, with all the online levels

then make it like the halo collection where you can jump between the graphics setting of each game with the mastered version, so you can go back and play lbp 1 created levels back when you could still see the logic, and then to the smoother versions from the update in lbp 1 onwards where everyone hides it, cause those little logic bits from the first game are ingrained in my memory they are so cute

>bought the CE for cheap long after the game released
>made a costume I loved with DLC parts and widgets I spent a half hour carefully stapling on in just the right places
>so happy when I find out I can import it into LBP2
>lose the console for reasons
>lose all my save data and the costume
>lose access to all the DLC I got from the code, so I can't even remake it even after I replaced the console
Was a great game though.
Three felt lame trying to shoehorn in the sackboy replacements that should've just been powerups, but I still liked it.

>dreams already forgotten
what a waste of a decade of development


>played with siblings
>staple and sticker random shit on each other constantly to ruin each others costumes
>master the art of doing the harder section of the game while still making time to open the menu and glue garbage to them
i want to go back

man just from the way it does the pod music you can tell how great of a sequel 2 was to the first game, those two are really joined at the hip as fantastic games

>find that mask/hat ( don't really remember ) in lbp1 that allows you to copy paste any picture on it
>use a troll face and grab anyone trying to jump any pits

fuck dream, I wanna go back

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surely someone maybe a poor Russian in an apartment block can make some ps4 bootleg of lbp 2 along with the multiplayer levels from it and 1

surely please

I bought the first game on release mostly because PS3 had NO GAMES in 2008 but I had a ton of fun with it and have fond memories. By the time 2 came out I had so much other shit to play that I never got around to it and I kind of regret it, especially since it seems to be loved so much.

>hear about it on a magazine from 2008
>play demo of LittleBigPlanet for the first time
>repeat demo until I buy it for cheap bucks on a store.
>enjoy every second in it, create and upload shitty levels on my earth
>fast forward to 2011
>Buy LittleBigPlanet 2
>try the new stuff out and upload even more shitty levels on my earth
>play community levels and amazed of the possibilities
>fast forward to 2014
>Buy LittleBigPlanet 3
>the new stuff is okay and you can finally make more layers without glitches.
>that shitty story mode
I wish LBP 3 never existed.

Since Sony are putting their games on PC now and Dreams has replaced LBP, I want a port of the original LBP on Steam, no way they'd ever port Dreams over.

Anyone else who didn't get the same feeling from 2?
idk the voice acting and other sack actual sack characters just didn't do it for me.
I love how the first game is like just a giant craft world and even the people are just a bunch of rubbish stapled together.

I blame the fact that the game didn't have any mascot or main character
Let's be honest, the fact why LBP became so popular was because Sackboy is cute, has a good character design and appealed to kids and their parents

I am forgotten

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ask anybody who invested themselves in the series and they will almost always say that the first one was the best in terms of charm, visuals and the hand-crafted appeal. the main downfall of the series stemmed from the fact that it attempted to pull the same shit as games like roblox where it tried to become a game engine, but it made people ignore what really made the games littlebigplanet for a reason.

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2 is a perfect sequel.

Everything is bigger, better and improved from the first game except for the Story mode, it just didn't click.

I don't know, that train level was pretty cool. Final boss was much better too.

>Go to the online mode
>Spam Tiger mouths in the level until the game lags
>Remember sticking a few on a kid who was whining about it

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>a platformer where you can only jump 2 inches
Who thought this was a good idea?