Near infinite replayability

>Near infinite replayability
>Mass variety of character a builds
>Story that is still discussed to this day

Is it safe to call it the greatest RPG of all time?

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Overrated piece of shit with terrible graphics, terrible combat, the factions are not deep at all specially the legion, companions are shit, important NPCs are shallow and the story feels forced and doesn't fit a post apocalyptic world.

>Overrated piece of shit with terrible graphics, terrible combat, the factions are not deep at all specially the legion, companions are shit, important NPCs are shallow and the story feels forced and doesn't fit a post apocalyptic world.

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Isn't it like happening 300 years after the apocalypse? Most of America is already rebuild.

It's alright, I guess

Worse than 3.

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>>Near infinite replayability
The strip was a huge letdown at the time, and put a damper on me wanting to replay.

Unpopular opinion, but exploring the metro was way more comfy than the bland desert spattered with ants and geckos.

Nice cherrypicking

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I'm just gonna come out and say it: I like both 3 and New Vegas, and I even like 4

quality > quantity

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>story is just a number of factions struggling over a power source
>doesn't fit a post-apocalyptic world
What do you expect, fuckers just roving around beating each other with sticks 200+ years after the nukes dropped?

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I like 4 as a mindless loot shooter
3 can go suck a dick, one of the worst games I ever played


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>and the story feels forced and doesn't fit a post apocalyptic world
REAL funny thing about New Vegas is that it was hardly touched by the war.
And just because some bombs dropped 200 years ago doesn't mean the whole world is gonna stay a green tinted hellscape where niggers stay in houses that are full of gore, garbage cluttering the floor and skeletons forever despite what Beth would try and have you believe.


Fallout 4 has much better gameplay and if you ignore story and characters it's a much better game in every regard. Especially with Sim Settlements mod which fixes the biggest flaw about the settlement system of you having to do all the work instead of automatic upgrades it really feels like populating the entire commonwealth again and building a strong faction.

I tried to replay New Vegas but the gameplay is just awful.

>Infinite replayability
I adore New Vegas but this is just objectively incorrect

>near infinite replayability
4 factions, all that changes is dialogue and the slideshow at the end.
>variety of character builds
Nope, just guns for combat and speech to get the right dialogue options.
>story discussed to this day
I’ve literally never seen an in-depth discussion of NV’s story except about how pointless and retarded it is.

3 was better.

Gunplay in f4 is dogshit.
Mind you NV and 3 were basically oblivion with guns where bullets act more like spells then anything else but it sure as fuck wasn't worth it to sacrifice almost everything that made fallout fallout just so Beth could have gunplay that still fucking blows compared to other shooters on the market.


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I love New Vegas, but I've played it so much, modded the hell out of it, and now I'm looking for new experiences.
It's time to waste hours of my life modding Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 isn't even a roleplaying game. No matter what you do you have to rolepay as a dad trying to save his son. It makes zero sense because the game wants you to explore, but at the same time, you're a dad whose son just got kidnapped, so the game wants you to finish the main quest first.

do you have these for other fallout games

The only thing that matters is that gunplay is hundreds of times better than New Vegas and is actually passable. Gunplay doesn't need to compare to top shooters, it just needs to feel like gunplay actually exists instead whatever the fuck happens in New Vegas.

replayability is a massive meme. I'd rather the game itself have more content and just be longer, rather than replaying the game over again and again except THIS TIME I choose the red guys over the robot guy and I'm using LASER GUNS instead of just whatever weapon I happen to pick up


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you can roleplay as a mother trying to save her son

>post apocalyptic world.
It has post-post apocalyptic feel and where civilisation meets the frontier. That actually makes me like it even more.

>>Near infinite

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Only actual autists roleplay for real. The writing in Fallout 4 is garbage though so it's shitty regardless.

Equally nice single example of point. Argument is negated I guess

They mean the game becomes logarithmically boring but never approaches being so boring that they want to kill themselves.

time to play new vegas again

Near infinite?
All the choices do is determine what uniform the bad guys wear during the next mission.
It is only replayable if are amused by simple things.

so is this how it works?
6 = Faction Housing
1 = Gannon companion
2 = Any of the three listings there? (Minuteman, Atomic Liberace, Home Team Hitter)
Your Allegiance (Last digit of post) 2 = Caesar's Legion

Is that correct? I'll do the playthrough Very Hard and Survival Mode tomorrow.

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Man iv played the shit out of this game. I got a few hundo hours in it but it man there is nothing left the barren content really hurts it compared to FO3 far more detailed world. Yes I know they had less time but its 8 years later you dont play a game for what it could be but what it is, and that is unfinished sadly.