I am going to purchase this game, play it and enjoy it and there is nothing you can do about it :)

I am going to purchase this game, play it and enjoy it and there is nothing you can do about it :)

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bring your sunglasses

good for you? Yas Forums likes this game


How do you know that you will enjoy it?

How do you justify the idea of other people caring about what you do with your life, exactly?



hey uhh, do you mind switching to 3rd person view?
oh wait

I will not purchase this game.

it will probably be the best game of all time

you're replaying to his thread

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You won't because it won't release this year hahaha

I pre-ordered this game, ask me anything

I am learning nothing new. SJW mentality is rigid, Yas Forums "folks" and angry nerds play their moronic reactionary role or are just as rigid. As long as the game's quality is actually good, I guess that doesn't matter.


How are you so based?


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3rd person view is for cucks ot PS4 users.

not him but since i also pre-ordered i'll take this one..

i make a lot of money so i can afford stupid things. i hide my depression and mental disorders by smiling at everyone and laughing at everything.

So section B1 is like endgame?

Laughting at everything will make you look like a fool, user.

i am a fool

What went wrong with your life

Can someone post the pasta with what has been cut out since the announcement and what promises have been broken?

Based, same here. I can finally play a video game with my favorite actor and human being Keanu Reeves! I honestly dont know if ill be able to beat the story since ill just want to hang out with Keanu the whole time though.

That pasta i outdated and only for meme purpouses.

Aren't we all fools, at the end of the day?

But it's accurate, isn't it?

Bloody love the art in the source books

a post too based for Yas Forums. god speed retard

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If you really didn't care what Yas Forums says you wouldn't be making this thread so often