Vikang good

>vikang good
>christcuck bad

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This is correct

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Sounds pretty based if you ask me. Thank you Ubisoft


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Nu-paganism is gay and full of homosexuals

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Medieval Christianity > nordjungle impulsiveness

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I hoped you would be able to choose between the christians and the norducks but i guess you're forced to play as a dindu nuffin snownigger

why do christcucks constantly act like they're some last hope or line of defense of humanity when none of them other than some seniors even bother actually practicing their religion, it's pretty pathetic honestly


and that's a good thing

>vikang good
>christcuck bad
And then history tell of the Normans.

Christianity is the foundation of western values.

Once your muslim/chinese lovers take over you can say goodbye to your precious individuality and liberty and embrace superior collective identity/slavery.

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Because they're a joke that no one cares about
They've also gotten a jew-tiered victim complex now, calling as many things as they can anti-christian to try to convince us that the whole world is against them.

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Reminder: Vikangz were black, stupid wh*toids

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>Christianity is the foundation of western values
Ok, Chaim.

I like how this game devides /vpol/ since they love sucking
"MUH NORDS" but also love "Muh Anglo Saxons".

>>christcuck bad
This is true.

Oh another peice of media set in the same 1 hunred year boring as fuck oversaturated period of english history how exciting.

You could've made this post actually funny but you failed

>also love "Muh Anglo Saxons"

Nigger-saxons ruin Europe.

If that's really the only way you can meme the game and criticize it, it must be REALLY good.

>Earl send you on a Viking
>After battle you sack a town
>See Saxon women "ohh mmm yes the spoils of war"
>Earl stops you "Nah bruv not call"
hahahahahahahha remind me of that gillet ad.

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*Not cool

Hello new fag, the Christians have been the bad guys since AC1.

>falling for the ubishit shilling because "muh vikangz"
Ubisoft really knows how to make retards do it for free huh?

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Do you feel like you fit in now?

Back to your cubicle ubisoft serf

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Epic, simply epic.