Steam Golden Week Sale

Should I do it?

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>buying roms
dumb american

No. Learn to torrent

why would you spend money on an inferior version of a PS1 game that you could just emulate?

starwars games are on sale

what should I get?

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It's got some script fixes, though.
And that game's translation needs all the help it can get.

fallen order and kotr if you haven't played it yet

i've learned to not buy too many RPGs in a sale because I won't be completing them all before the next.


when did the starwars games go on sale ?
i checked earlier and they weren't there

really tempted to get republic commando and battle front 2 should i do it user tell me quick

lol, you're so fucking stupid it's fantastic.

Is monster hunter a fun game? I've been replaying dark souls for the last few weeks as i have nothing else to play.

Should i get Rosenkreuzstilette? It's $3

what tower defense do I get

Buy FFVIII instead of IX.

Yeah, it is.

any good grindy action rpgs on sale?

disgaea 5

the one with the exploding penguins is on sale

i don't like grinding but i do like funny games so it could be fun

is ace combat 7 fun bros

i've learned to not buy too many GAMES in general in a sale because I won't be completing them all before the next.

damn, not sure if i should get re4 now or just wait for them to remaster it in like a year or so

buy it, they'd butcher the remake anyway

Buy Bloodstained, its one of the best 'Castlevanias' ever

i've fallen into this cycle user its not pretty

I regret buying all those hundreds games I never touched yet.
I feel like a huge dumbass whenever I see some of them cheaper now

Only the singleplayer campaign

damn my backlogs are getting bigger. send halp

Code Vein is good but the DLC is complete fucking shit that barely adds anything, just buy the normal edition. Then again it might be too late for this post, but not too late for anyone reading this.

nothing i want is on sale bros