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Imagine being ballbusted by her

What the fuck was her problem

Dangantrannys deserve death

fuck off danganautists
go back to your general

>Opens literally every single Danganronpa thread he sees to post this
>Calls others autistic
Have you been tested?

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Best Danganronpa protagonist?

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Hope dude

Dancing mukuro

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GROOM'D by her Master(M,+50)


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Futafags need to hang

Sorry Tenko, better luck next life

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Is there a more based V3 ship?

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based chihiro fucking that slut until she's nicer

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Hajime by a long shot

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>Tenko Chabashira, SHSL Lesbian
Honestly I thought her character was pretty funny. Her being horny over Himiko was at least better than Kazuichi simping over Sonia or Toko drooling whenever Byakuya said anything.

I hope they have a lot of fun with them, but please don't be so loud, Makoto is sleeping.

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Why is he sleeping on her ass?

because is comfy and nice

Well if he wanted a comfy ass to sleep on then why didn't he sleep on Junko's fat ass instead?

which sort of deranged mind would make this image?


I wanna sleep on Kaede's fat butt

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>she's an incel

Uh, because Junko is not his girlfriend, obviously, what a silly question.

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imagine being bodybusted by her

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Thanks for making that image.

>he doesn't know

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>he haven't hear of matsuda

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He's kinda dead though.

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Tell me why LGBT love this game when there's no gay relationships whatsoever?

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what? oh no! Ryoko know about this?