What's the whole fuss about? You are going to buy it anyway. You buy games for gameplay not for story...

What's the whole fuss about? You are going to buy it anyway. You buy games for gameplay not for story. If you wanted a story you'd read a book. So what's the problem, except you being a whiny little bitch for no reason?

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>You are going to buy it anyway
Not buying a PS4 just for this game so nope

>Actually caring about good gameplay

Why should I buy it when I can just bitch about it?

> You buy games for gameplay not for story.
are you being ironic

The gameplay in TLOU isn't anything noticeable. Everyone who praises it is quick to talk about the story.

This game is all about story. Once you know the story the "gameplay" is irrelevant. And there's no multiplayer which is actually where the real gameplay is. Fuck off, Neil, no one is going to play this after the whole thing leaks.

>please shill my shitpile
fuck off

I never played the last of us, the main reason for it was my hatred for ellie, but now that I know you hunt her down and beat her little lesbian head in as a chad straight muscle head beast I'm thinking about playing it.

I keep forgetting that Casuals like gaming now

Close but no dice. I buy all exclusives to show the developers that there is indeed strong market in exclusive games regardless of gameplay/story quality

Because there's something called interaction in video games.
And I don't want to have ANY interaction whatsoever with the damn tranny.
Is that clear? I can tolerate A LOT of things when it comes to shitty progressive fantasies in vidya.
But not playing as 1) a fucking nobody character appearing out of nowhere. 2) that kills Joel. Uncacceptable. 3) Beats up Ellie.

I have some limits and decency. No money for that crap.

>press square to bash your surrogate daughters head in
Bravo ND, BRAVO.

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Even if I decide to check it out, the ps5 edition is inevitable and I'll just buy the ps4 edition for pennies in 2021

now you're talking my language. just buy it, who gives a shit?

>You buy games for gameplay not for story
And that's exactly why I'm giving it a pass

>buying a movie
>buying a naughtydog game for the gameplay

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TLOU gameplay sucks, though. Story is the only reason anyone cared.

Is this the shills new tactic
>Y-you're going to buy it anyway!
I've seen five threads today starting with this

I haven't bought a sony/gaystation game since Ape Escape 3 and won't buy one till Ape Escape 4. So no, I won't be getting this unfiltered garbage, even if I could pirate it.

Why the fuck would I buy a movie-game when I know the movie part is absolute shit? Do you think people honestly enjoy the game portion of ND games?

well you are going to buy it. we all know Yas Forums loves tranny cocks so why deny it? all this bitching is just useless

I was going to buy it. Thanks to the leaks, I will not.

omg i really don't know how ND is going to recover from the loss of your money while millions of other people buy it

Same here.
Not lying by the way.
I was really going to pick it up at some point. Because I like ND's gameplay ultimately.
Sure, I had some "reserves" about the whole SJW undertones.
But it went WAY past that, and any expectations I had. It went past my deepest fears into worst case scenario imaginable.
My disappointment is immeasurable...

Why not just watch a movie then?

I feel like the majority of the hate is 4channer, normie who didn't get leak will still buy it

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>You are going to buy it anyway.

No I'm not, and neither are normies, from the looks of it :^)

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Hey man, you're right. They don't actually even NEED my money.


Corporate needs you to find the difference between these two pictures.

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TLOU has shit gameplay though

Dexter is prettier?

he is holding a gold club in the picture on the right