Stop playing The Witcher games

Stop playing The Witcher games.

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oh look a twitter screenshot of some who that has probably 20 followers total this is totally a worthwhile thread and surely everyone who participates is intellectually honest and earnest in their intentions.
fuck you stupid nigger

>reading tweets posts by a murderer who is going through psychosis

Aside from being called white wolf and owning a sword, Geralt really isn't anything like Elric

*kills you and collects bits of your skull*
lol don't watch porn kids it's degenerate

Never did

CDPR sacrificed at least 20 kids to the swamp witches for Witcher 3 alone. It'll be a waste not to play it.

Well Varg, I don't undersand.
I thought sex and violence were like... you know... Pagan and shit? With sex orgies, rituals, and sacrifices?
Now you say, sex isn't good and it's not traditional?
And I thought like, marriage was like, a heritage from the weak Christians?
Please, explain, Varg.
Which is it?

twitter larpers (all twitter users really) aren't human

>taking advice from a guy who's crowning achievement is starting a family at 60 years old and larping as a forest dweller

Varg is a LARPing faggot who hasn't ever truly worked a day in his life. His music is shit, his thought process is shit, and he's pretending to be this holier than thou Pegan alpha when really he's jewing everyone he can for attention.

He's right about fags tho.

Thing i like = pagan
Thin i dont like = semitic subversion
This is how you end up with a man that thinks jrr tolkien was a cryptopagan

>*teleports behind you*
>*stabs you 23 times in the back*
>"pssh, nothin' personal kid"

>be young
>destroy a church and kill a dude
>be old
>destroy ass with AoE on twitter

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fuck off Varg

is that actually the real varg posting

he's got a point, "pagan" basically means "primordial white culture" and monogamy is a uniquely white trait among the races of the world

wtf I'm never buying a lamp again

this is the type of stupid shit i expect to read on a video game board and im still astounded

what the fuck is rip-off sleep

This. Read LOTR instead

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holy cope

He's also a convicted murderer who spends his days being crazed out of his intoxicated mind in a sack in the woods, after spending 20 years in prison

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No it's not and European pagans had concubines and later mistresses which was the same fucking thing

Hey Mr. pseudo intellectual, define white.

You're mixing up two different pieces of black metal lore

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it's not stupid it's true
white nobility throughout the ages has had nowhere near the promiscuity as promoted by other nobility around the world where taking as many concubines as possible was the norm. in fact moral authority was strong among white civilization as far back as ancient greece and promiscuity was always looked down upon.
whatever the evolutionary reason for this behavior, as it seems counter-intuitive, it seems largely isolated within the indo-europeans

>b-but muh murder!!!
you children really should lay off the internet, considering how gullible you are

Viking ≠ Pagan

>literal ”muh ancient history was so much better than current year”-nigger
>calling anybody else ”degenerate”

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pagan literally means polytheistic or non-christian/jewish/muslim and monogamy is a relatively new concept and has been mostly embraced after the birth of Christ

>muh skyrim character
New low for this retard.

Imagine actually taking this schizo murderer seriously.

Getting cards of all the woman you bang was based as fuck

He's right about Geralt being an Elric rip-off tho.

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those european peoples as descended from indo-europeans, early mediterranean farmers and northern hunter-gatherers

Every Burger's opinion on Wiedzmin is fucking irrelevant. Just seeing what they did with their version was enough.

>my people = white
>my country's neighbors = maybe white
>everyone else = darkest of niggers
>argentina = the whitest


Pagans had concubines

>throw it in the bog

I think he's trying to tell us something, a cry for help.

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these are the type of retards we share our board with and who are sadly allowed to voice an opinion

>Varg "the turk is my friend" Vikernes


The fact anyone thinks Varg is someone to even remotely be looked up to is hilarious. Even if you buy into all his crap, and like what he did, you need to admit he did it like a fucking pussy. He burned a church when no one was around because he obviously didn't wanna get in big trouble, instead of acting like the brave pagan says he is and just went it with a torch shouting battle cries to Odin. Then the only person he can kill is an old dude who would be died if you pushed him down one too many stairs. He's just a joke.

>is albino
>heavy use of potions in combat
>magic powers
>love interested is a sorceress with raven hair
>constantly does in-depth mambo-jambo about the nature of evil

Witcher fags really don't know anything about Elric outside of a superficial impression, huh?

i dont watch anime so no

>basques aren't white
I wonder if they are relieved about that.

I like the way Varg homeschools his children. And some of the things he says about European history are interesting to think about, regardless if you consider them to have validity. But of course, objectively, he is a convicted murderer who lives off government welfare in a country he wasn't even born in.

There's obviously a reason he's allowed to say what he says without having his twitter/youtube/social media pulled down in the way everyone else who is rightwing gets theirs taken down, and that's because he consistently disparages Christianity. Really makes me think.

>Straigh sex in a video game? How degenerate is that?
Fuck off, this piece of shit is far more degenerate than the half of shit he bitches about, is he said because the elves aren't disgusting autistic freaks like his wife?

>gets opinions from a braindead murderer
>nooooo you're retarded

Why don't you ask the nogs who play the knockout game? They seem to be quite able to identify whites at random

lol! epic post my pal u really got 'em!!

Are you retarded?

Here in Brasil, paganism is known as macumba. It's a nigger's thing.

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christianity is cringe t b h


Its called bande dessinée, you uncultured swine.