Sequel is beyond garbage and poorly designed

>sequel is beyond garbage and poorly designed

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Don't try to fool yourself, its just as bad as the first game

The first game was actually interesting and dare I say it, soulful

>Risk of R*ddit

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>Pic not related

Pic very related, you haven't played it
Also this, the community is fucking retarded
based wataten poster

>there won't be a shooter character that isn't Commando or trash (ie MulT)
fuck Hopoo

just mod in bandit

>go back to the first game
>it's godly
>doesn't have a JOIN OUR TRANNYPOZCORD message on startup

>This is your mind on autism
Damn, its sad to see

RoR2 is a pozzed normalfag baiting easy badly made "game"

>same awful maps until the ends of time

never played ror2 but I was sick of ror1 after 30 minutes.
clearly inferior to the binding of isaac, spelunky, dead cells etc etc, Yas Forumstards like to shill broken ass games that's all.

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>posts 9gag reddit LE CHAD image
Yep confirmed retard

>zero arguments

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but seriously tho, why is ror2 bad?

t.never played it

Damn he btfo you that hard you had to pull the reddit card huh

No Enforcer

>pozzed normalfag 3D as well as discord shilling and patches to appease them
>braindead gameplay
>near no useful items
>too easy
>terribly designed systems
>awful implementation of the characters and abilities

That's a shame OP. I quite enjoy playing it with friends,

the duality of Yas Forumseddit

More like is a brainless consoomer

I enjoy Risky 2

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>redditor likes 2
Makes sense

what are you gonna do about it?

down vote me?

>4chud hates new

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I like 2 but didn't like 1 much

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>be retard
>play game for 30 minutes
>fish for argument
Nobody wants to spend time with a retard. If you're fishing for attention shoot yourself in the head. It'll eventually reach Yas Forums

should I buy 2 on ps4 if I mostly play alone? I unlocked everyone in 1 and the ost is amazing but the idea of ror in 3d makes me moist

Who are you talking about? I've played this game since release and watch it die a painful death at the hands of the pozzed developers

>did you hear about reddit?
>how about that reddit?
>What is reddit up to this time?
>why is reddit always talked about here?
>when did reddit start to exist?
>who is reddit anyways?



I don't really think you played this game at all.

>reddit spacing
>triggered at proof


>reddit spacing

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Buzzwords are not proof. At least you reminded me to re-enable my filters, so your post wasn't completely worthless.

What are you one of the devs? The game is fucking trash in nearly all aspects, although the colour pallette and music are good

dude you're angry for no reason

>ad hominem
>meme, ad hominem

I honestly can't tell you dude, as you can see a lot of people didn't like the 3D transition, but I most think they did a decent job. I definitely played it a lot by myself, but mostly with friends

have sex

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I'll show you reddit spacing

R e d d i t