Why is Animal Crossing suddenly so popular?

Why is Animal Crossing suddenly so popular?

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I never remember seeing so many people talking about it.

There hadn't been a new game for 8 years.

Underage please go

why is every ac comic exactly the same?
it’s always, hurr look how chill it is here while real world bad

Were you not here for New Leaf's release or something? It was just as massive in terms of discussion both on Yas Forums and in real life. The popularity of the Switch paired with the virus just made discussion even more prevalent for the game, especially after we hadn't seen a new one for years.


It's one of the only high profile games that's come out this year

>muh fear
Why are f*males such cancer?

Social Media and Women suffering FOMO. Slampig I used to fuck texted me last night saying she got a switch and gave me her friendcode. Only game she has is AC.


How did you miss the multitude of furry porn threads that never got deleted because mods were too busy fapping?

Why do women always have to fear men, can't like men try to be better?

Because a new one came out, haven't you heard?

isn't that everyone's motivation for literally everything tho

Because it came out when millions of people were stuck at home with nothing to do.

I'm still able to go out and get a haircut, because the government marked barbers and hairdressers as an essential service.

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anyone got a decent turnip price that doesn't make me go through a 100 people queue

It literally is not "suddenly" popular. This franchise sold huge on the 3DS and Wii U fags begged Nintendo for a new game forever. Finally a new one drops after 8 years and Yas Forums is shocked. No fucking shit it was gonna be big, it's THE casual game.

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Because they just released a new mainline console game which has all most of the content from the others and also a radically different world building system.
What are you, fucking retarded?

d...dozer is that you??

Imagine actually being scared of this fucking cough lmao.
Like fair enough being worried about your parents/grandparents.

Realistically if you're under the age of 40 and die of this you are literal untersmensch.

The newfags from the entry are the worst the series has seen. Time travel hate was always apparent but most just put it aside as cheaters will play the game how they want as long as they're not fucking up the economy - which to some extend they were but it wasn't much and people were still able to play fair and make fair trades. The current newfags will use time travelers as a scapegoat and seethe at the idea that someone is playing the game differently to them.

These same faggots that whine about time travel and fucking up the economy are the same ones that will gladly profit from someone else time traveling and/or play the stalk market and within a short time have more Bells than they could ever need and use those Bells to fuck over the economy for people who don't want to play with turnips.

New Leaf had it's bad apples but together with it being a complete game rather than a dripfed experience it was never this shitty.

In English next time user.

Im angry at TimeTrannies because they're trying to make it the norm. They push its the best way to play the game on twitter and then scream and whine about nintnedo stopping them unlocking all the content by keeping it behind monthly updates

>Using twitter
Found the solution to most of your problems. Twitter is a fucking shithole that's somehow worse than this place.

seething timetranny detected. The game isnt a dripfeed at all if you played normally from release. Only TTers complain bout the content, especially since the new update added loads of shit.

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>comfy tranimal crossdressing thread

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>Like fair enough being worried about your parents/grandparents.

Joke's on you, they all died long before the corona epidemic started. ;_;