If TLOU Part II had a "good ending" for Joel and Ellie it wouldn't have been leaked

Let's be honest for a sec:
The leaker wanted to hurt ND. That's absolutely sure. Whether it's about non-payments, crunch, bad blood between employees or whatever the reason made the leaker do his thing:
He probably felt the same way we feel about the characters and the story.
He knew the story would be polemical, and divisive. That's precisely why he thought leaking the game would cause a stir and as such, hurt ND in the process. Especially the creative process.
ND games are at the end of the day, games where the narrative holds everything together.

Now, my own take is that the leaker wouldn't have done it if the story wasn't so terriblefor Joel, Ellie and everything about playable Abby and her pack of multi-culti friends.
By ruining that for us, he's also warning us of the horrible quality of the story, and therefore the product.

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>Linear story
>Multiple endings
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The "leaker" was a brazilian shitposter who just wanted a laugh and e-clout.

There has been Brazilian subtitles and German (and English) voices so far. We don't know.
It would be funny if it was.
But then what I said still holds true. If it's a guy shitposting for realz then the leaker knew it would cause a fucking mess on the internet.

No, there was also footage in German. It was probably a QA employee testing multiple languages

It is possible, Mass Effect 3 did it on reverse, in the end you choose the color of the ending no matter what you did.

I don't get your point.
It's only natural to leak the key plot points or else it wouldn't be a leak, would it? If there was a good ending, he would have leaked that too in order to ruin everyone's fun.

b-but you wouldn't know unless you played the game... so uh... you should buy it to make sure there is a good ending, s-so you better buy the game now!

well the game IS shit, the story IS shit, the faggot DID consulted Anita Sarkeesian about misogyny to create games
So yes, blessed be the leaker, and ND may burn it down.

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Not really.
My point is that it wouldn't hurt so much as it does right now. That's the point of the leak in the first place.
You always only leak the shocking death of someone or a "big twist". Especially since TLOU (2) is constructed as a piece of media that is inspired so much by Hollywood, TV shows and so forth.
But why would anyone care if Ellie and Joel made it out alive somehow and other stuff would've happened along the way, instead of the story and script we got?
My opinion is that, if the game didn't go towards a horrible fate for the characters of the first game: There wouldn't have been a point to ANY LEAK at all.
So the "angry employee" or a "troll", whoever the leaker is, wouldn't have seen an opportunity to leak anything worthwhile.
That's also the reason we haven't seen the death of another character which is Jesse, the asian guy. As nobody cares about. (No connection towards this unknown character.)

>Just watches MKIceandFire's playthrough of it a few days before release
Nothing personal

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not all heroes wear cape.

Is this the new shill scapegoat?

>My opinion is that, if the game didn't go towards a horrible fate for the characters of the first game: There wouldn't have been a point to ANY LEAK at all
I disagree. A disgruntled employee could have leaked the ending and it would have had the same effect, even with a happy ending. What point is there to play a game when you know the ending already?

All that these leaks show is that the employee in question didn't like the story, but that doesn't mean it has to be the reason for leaking it in the first place.

I have a feeling a lot of ND employees didn't like the overall direction of the game but NDAs forced their mouths shut. Eventually one dude said fuckit because he wasn't getting paid regardless and decided to leak it. Not that it'll be ND's demise but it'll definitely hurt sales and stocks. It'll probably hurt TLOU3 as well since many normies won't realize it until after buying the game.

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Sure he could've.
He could've also posted the ending without making all of the videos about it.
He also, and most likely, could have simply "moved on" because many many disgruntled employees exist in the industry, but that's not a reason to do something like this, which is dangerous and career suicide.
IN THE CASE he truly is an employee and not a shitposter.
A shitposter would have done it eiher way but to be fair, again, the impact wouldn't have been the same.
Here, you get all of those twists, and tasty scenes of Abby killing Joel etc. It's perfect when you want to do big damage.

I agree. I think this is again, another case of: many people at ND thought the story was trash from the beginning (or at the moment they realized the full scale and script) but simply couldn't say anything, not because of a NDA in particular, but because they are at a different level in the company, and Neil Druckmann seems to be your typical ego-maniac writer that loves his own farts.
And you know, people in general are too polite... Especially in creative spaces and towards so-called "writers".

Man, if only, the actors reading the script, or someone high at ND, had the fucking guts to tell this Druckmann clown that his story was TERRIBLE.
He could've spared us 7 years of wait for nothing.

Yeah, that's why I think it was an employee who didn't like the story, but I don't think you'd break an NDA just because of that. There must be more to it.

You misunderstood OP, retard.

He obviously didn't get paid - that's why he broke the NDA. ND failed to keep their end of the deal and he had nothing to lose at that point so he wanted to do as much damage to them as possible.

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This looks like damage control to me, what about you guys?

anyone got a link/quick rundown on the leaks?

Big tranny pops ups on Joel house and says: You blowed up my father, now i'll blow up your prostrate, then rapes joel while ellie watches aroused.

Possibly. It's just speculation at this point at least from our end but it's highly unlikely it was an outsider. Those studios are kept on lockdown 24/7. Even if you did get into the building and avoid security, you'd still need to know where to look and to get around the passwords. You would definitely need help from an insider.

>My opinion is that, if the game didn't go towards a horrible fate for the characters of the first game: There wouldn't have been a point to ANY LEAK at all.
Why not? If you're a disgruntled employee, you leak anyway imo, you don't care what happens, you just want to hurt the company. It's just a huge bonus for the leaker that the game is hated (for good reason) now.

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Crunch and shit pay is "normal" is a industry ran by progressives. I honestly believe it was leaked because the dev was ashamed of the mess he helped create.

>had nothing to lose at that point
I've seen NDAs before, and boy, they make it clear that they'll fuck you up and sue you for every penny you have in the event of you breaking them. It's no laughing matter, ND probably lost millions because of the leak. So if it really was an employee, ND must be one hell of a place to work at.

>ND probably lost millions because of the leak
good, they make shitty faggoty games