ITT: "villains" who did nothing wrong

ITT: "villains" who did nothing wrong

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>We never got to play as him

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Adachi. Those whores had it coming.


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rose guns days?

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Tulip Swords Nights yes. The character I posted in my post is a prominent figure starting from the end of Season 3. I personally still haven't finished reading the VN

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Making the mother of all omelettes, Ellie.

Had balls in college y'know.

His motives are objectively better than the players’

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For me, its Kane.

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Say hello to the new face of villains who did nothing wrong.

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Can't think of even a single thing he did wrong. The guy literally wanted everyone to be happy, no interior motive.
The only thing the thieves had against him is "muh TRUE freedom", which is extremely dumb, childish and makes no sense.

>The more you beat him during the fight, the more he seems upset that he won't be able to make everyone happy

Fuck the phantom theives

If they did nothing wrong then why do they lose? Check mate.

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>resurrects harus dad, makotos dad but doesnt bring back kasumi or their fathers cause FUCK RUMI YOU ROASTIE WHORE I GAVE YOU EVERYTHING I HAD AND YOU THREW IT AWAY REEEEEE

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He didn't bring back Kasumi because what Sumire wanted was to be Kasumi, not to have her sister be alive, and what Maruki was interested in was Sumire's happiness.

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The only thing he did wrong was losing to a scrub like the Ashen One.

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Probably the best example.
The protagonists meet up with him and were like yeah guess you're right.
Being an actual competent supervillain who was in the right, he didn't gaps in his plan for them to interfere anyways.

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>rapes god
>enslaves church and town around it
Fuck you. He’s a massive pervert scumbag

based cabbage chad

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>Armstrong goes out by his same principle yet at the same time his death actually proves that he was right
MGR must be one of the few instances in which if you kill your enemies they win


>interior motive

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