What's their best game?

What's their best game?

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The Wonderful 101, which is also just the best game in general. At least until the remaster comes out.

True answer

bayonetta 1

The game that saved them from going under aka Nier.
But the game that best showcases their gameplay is MGR.



>the game that best showcases their gameplay is MGR.
What the fuck?
MGR is my favourite Platinum game but the combat is really watered down
Bayonetta shows off their combat 100x more than MGR which has like 1 pause combo and only about 5 combos overall with one of them being the clear best in all situations


I played Vanquish MGR and bayo and out of them I'd have to say Bayonetta

Bayonetta, MGR, Vanquish and Wonderful 101. Nier is good too but mostly thanks to Yoko Taro's writing.

Transformers Devastation shows the best of their gameplay designs from both Bayonetta and Vanquish

mgr or transformers devastation or nier

Has it been ported to Switch or PC yet?

most people giving answers haven't played it

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what happened to them? plat didnt make good game ever since mgr. all the other games they made afterward were either shit or overhyped garbage. is it true that kamyia is working on another xbox game? whats he doing

holy fuck imagine being so bad at bayonetta that you can say things like this

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MGR > Astral Chain > Bayonetta

Kickstarter codes for digital release of The Wondeful 101 Remastered go out on May 7th. I think its out for everyone on May 19th. Its available for Switch, Steam, and PS4. Please buy a copy.

Nice, it's the only Platinum game I've never played. Forgive me for not having a WiiU.

They sent an update to Kickstarter backers just yesterday. They’re aiming for a digital release on Steam for May 7th. Physical backers won’t get their copies until June due to coronavirus, but as an apology Platinum is giving all physical backers extra digital copies on Steam. They didn’t explicitly mention the digital release of the Switch/PS4 versions, but they might have fallen under the “digital release” announcement.

Still haven’t shown the Kickstarter-exclusive box art yet.

Astral Chain

Kamiya’s next title was announced and its a game about Ultraman.

>never gonna get a Devastation sequel with better pacing, smooths out the RPG elements and gives us more sick music

They haven't made a single good game.

I've played:
Anarchy Reigns
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
The Wonderful 101
Bayonetta 2

I'd say Bayonetta.
(2, while improved in some aspects, was too much of a step-back combat-wise)

if your answer wasn't directed by kamiya, you are bad at video games. its fine to be bad, but thats the truth and i hope you understand that. if you want it to change, you can take action to do so. but its okay if you dont

I can't blame you for not having a Wii U but please buy copies of The Wonderful 101 Remastered for yourself and all of your friends and family.

I wanna say Astral Chain but so much could be improved with a sequel first.

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Stabbing Nintendo/SEGA in the back and selling out to the Chinese Communist Party.

Kamiya is currently directing Bayonetta 3 (MIA since 2017 now) and was recently announced to also be directing a Ultraman-type game currently code-named Project G.G.:


Wait, I thought the port was Switch exclusive?

I doubt it will get a sequel, Nintendo got pretty fucked over by Platinum and it doesn't fit their new Tencent alignment.

never been confirmed that kamiya is directing bayo 3

Nier Automata.

>Ultraman-type game
>it's a fucking mecha

Shit tier combat

Bayonetta is a scrubs DMC. Combos are easy as fuck and pretty basic

huh, you're right. Why did I think it had been. And if he _hasn't_ been, what the fuck has he been doing since Scalebound was cancelled?

Muh combat
Nothing beats going full Goku on a group of machines with a constant after image.

Remember, the director of Bayo 2 left Platinum awhile back too. Who the hell knows what's going on with Bayo 3

i'm a jump cancel autist in DMC, that's not what makes bayonetta's combat good. combo autism in DMC is just for flair and to press buttons really fast, meanwhile if youre good you can easily get no damage S ranks on DMD without staying in the air for more than a couple seconds.
bayonetta's combat depth is in it's scoring system and enemy designs which make DMC looks like fisher price wack a mole in comparison. anyone who's gone for S ranks in DMC knows that while the style meter is very cool and fun, the actual scoring system in every DMC game is pretty fucked, and like half the enemies in every game is a chore to fight