How do we resurrect the RTS genre?

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You can't.
Only indie studios could do it for money reasons and they will never be capable to create a good AI Pathfinding.
I'd like to see a new Warcraft 3, a good RTS with a strong campaign (don't give a fuck about cinematics) with enjoyable lore/characters etc... but it won't happen I guess.

an rts with decent ai would be nice, also for the player, like issuing more complex orders other than "attack here"

and an option to take control of every unit on the battlefield and play it as 3rd person, this would also buff the unit and be a core mechanic to swap around between 3rd and rts camera and units

Was Company of Heroes the last good RTS game?

Waiting for Relic to hurry the fuck up with AoE4 so they can make CoH3

I've been playing Northgard. It's pretty good.

it's already resurrected. we have aoe2 remake and soon aoe4

if your definintion of resurrected is "become popular" why the fuck would you want that? i don't want even more brainless normies and redditors in my game

>Only indie studios could do it for money reasons and they will never be capable to create a good AI Pathfinding.

Problem is even when you get new RTS they're basically treading same old grounds.

>Grey Goo
>Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak
>Cossacks 3

AoE 2 isn't dead, dock mills is a great new feature.

That said recent balance patch wasn't the best, they should nerf stirrups and buff konniks, otherwise Bulgarians are just a knight civ.

Starcraft 2 esports killed rts, once everyone realised that being good means being efficient all the fun gets sucked out of the game.

I think the genre should evolve, fuse it with the colony management style of game so it isn’t pvp focussed. Sort of like they are billions except less tower defence and more like age of empires 2.

It could be there on the top if it and COH2 and run on more than one core and two gigs of RAM. You can't even run a 4v4 Spearhead game without crashing.

By e-mailing Jeff Orkin, asking him for suggestions regarding literature and documentation on AI development in video games,
then focusing for 2 or 3 years on that and how to apply it to RTS,
and then making an isometric Red Alert 2 or Stronghold Crusaders like game since this artstyle is undying and easy and probably would look even more glorious with modern polish on the format where you now have excess processing power for AI and prop quantity.

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to be fair cossacks 3 is a straight up remake of the first game. why they put a number there is beyond me. campaigns sadly aren't as difficult from what I hear, though.

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I refuse to play the remake, stacking technology research is absolutely retarded and removed all skill from the game. And the new civs all fucking suck and the unique units are trash.

upgrade your toaster

fuck off mbl

EA is probing with C&C Remastered if the RTS market is still viable. If that leads to other C&C titles to be remastered, I hope they only stick to QoL upgrades, like resolution fixes and whatnot.

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t. poorfag

spent hundreds of hours in MP CoH2 just fine

Sins of a Solar Empire 2 when?

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RTS just need to drop the APM shit and include some meaningful tactics. Instead of micromanaging your 5 million special abilities and moving every ship in your 6 gorillion ship fleet the better strategy should win. Unfortunately, it's mostly just counter units and fleet composition.

>mfw games last for HOURS and pirates are the biggest threat, not other players

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1 still holds up desu. The only thing that really needs fixing is lag and stuttering in late game

Read again. COH1/2 is poorly optimized for multi-core and higher RAM usage. The game actually can run out of memory and crash because it doesn't utilize more than the 1-2 cores and 2 gigabytes of RAM, while everyone nowadays has quadruple the cores and octuple the RAM.

You don't even know what strategy is.

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I always set ai to very hard, otherwise they get farmed by pirates when pirates themselves are free exp.

It only lags and stutters endgame because the game is single-threaded. They'd have to update the entire game engine to handle multi-cores and threads.

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I've always wanted to make an RTS game but my studio has always said need a game design.

Everytime, I try and get any further than a basic game design document won't sell.

I wish i knew what people wanted, I know what i want but that doesn't sell.

I know. Depends on whether you wanna buy the same game again just for the extra FPS. I don't really know what to add and I already heavily disliked titans.

Go to RTS forums (read: not MOBA) and ask around, make polls and shit. Investigate.

That's at least a one time deal. I remember Emperor: Battle for Dune where each campaign was on its own disk.

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i wish someone would make an RTS where multiplayer is about building a giant kingdom and it becomes like a mini-civ game where you can do relations with other players and shit. instead of autistic APM and micro being the way to be competitive, I want an rts where it's viable to actually turtle and build a giant Stronghold-like base instead of just autistically clicking rocks and workers as fast as I can. almost like if people roleplayed in multiplayer Stronghold, but as the main game and not just roleplay

>Go to RTS forums (read: not MOBA) and ask around, make polls and shit. Investigate.
No replys.. ever so helpful *just do what you want to do*

That sounds like Rise of Nations, user.

Supreme Commander or Rise of Nations ?

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>stacking technology research
What is bad about that?

They'd probably make a campaign since the biggest complaint I've seen over the years was 'No campaign wahhh why??' and throw in a new faction in the form of the nanite swarm that the vasari are running from.

Niggers always mention the APM meme, but that can be easily circumvented for 90% by just not adding Korean or Mandarin to the available languages.

My favourite RTS of all time.

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I had an idea in an older thread, it is basically a war in hell with each sin as a faction.

loved that game, especially the campaign is kino

FUCK I sunk so many hours into that game, Rise of Legends is bretty gud too.

Not really interested in either of those. Multiplayer is probably the biggest pro of Sins. They'd really have to pull a new mechanic out of their sleaves to make it a worthwhile purchase if you have already played 1.

I've had a similar idea but that was more of a what if and more of a FPS game with different time periods.

They're probing with the wrong C&Cs.

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FPS genre moved on from copying Doom.
RTS genre is literally copy&pasting the same game for the past 25 years.

TS and RA2 only need QoL updates, if they need them at all.

Bring back singleplayer.

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It's not dead, you mongrel
It's just not popular, since RTS are niche compared to other mainstream games

I kind of just moved away to total war or crusader kings II. I actually prefer turn based strategy, like Fantasy Wars or Age of Wonders (though it had simultaneous turns as well). And sadly you don't see those discussed around here.
But in both cases I want story campaigns and robust scenario/campaign map editor and random map generator, like Age of Wonders games had.

Also, Warcraft 4 (made by better devs) that retcons WoW (can pull some ideas from it) with Queen Azshara campaign when?