Write the pitch for TLOU 3

Write the pitch for TLOU 3.

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fuck off druckmann

A New story altogether. Wipe the slate clean.

>Naughty Dog games like to focus on the familial relationships (UC4 was brother, LOU was daughter)
>this game will focus on grandfather
>we start at the beginning of the outbreak
>Grandfather has to take his grandchild after Father dies/ships out
>Story focuses on age gap between the younger male kid and the older generation
>Grandfather is quiet but wise
>grandfather puts trust in kid quickly
>as the story goes on the grandfather teaches the son to be strong and smart
>Its alluded Grandfather is a vet from vietnam
>younger kid is used in gameplay as the distractions and scout while grandfather is a crack shot
>think Mike from Breaking Bad

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>Vietnam vet

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Ellie wakes up and wonders why the fuck she dreamed about Joel and some she-hulk.

>the kike girlfriend dies
>Ellie goes on a journey with his girlfriend's son
>The tranny help them
>at the end they settle together as a non-binary-family with Jamal (new character)

How about, get this...a zombie game where you fight zombies? I have enough stupid ass drama from stupid ass humans in my real life.

Ellie helps Druckmann find a new job

Holy shit no. Joel wakes up and then proceeds to fuck Tess.

>Write the pitch for TLOU 3
pitch it the bin faggot, this shitshow is done

Hulking Spores, majority just hulk out but there is one girl that's immune and the spores just enhance her
She will be even bigger than Abs

>Play as whoever the fuck the muscle woman is for the intro
>As you're about to complete whatever the objective is you get shot
>Zooms over to the sniper
>It's Ellie
>You play as her for the rest of the game doing whatever dumb shit the 3rd game does
I've never played TLoU and don't care about 2.

Alright so now that I know abby is straight AND you hunt down ellie TLOU2 seeems kinda based.

first things first: Is there any more white male characters from the previous games we can bring back? Is Joel's brother still alive? If not does he have any extended family?

Then I'm thinking.. he tries to ask Abbey to smile! But she's having none of it, baseball bat with barbed wire on them all, proper gruesome stuff, brains etc. There's also a baby and she stomps it because its a future while male. It will be such a powerful/heroic moment for the character and cathartic for the player

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just make it an earth defense force clone

let's not

dykes vs trannies

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she just has muscles

Buff girl vs fem twink in a fist fight

Druckmann it's 8 years too late for you to be making this thread

Hotshots golf but with zombies as play hazards featuring Adam Jensen from the Dues Ex™ series.

Ok, its time to clear up some serious misconceptions about trans people.

I'm trans (transitioned in 2012) and I've been an oldfag dating to 2007. Believe it or not, I know at least 10 other people in the exact same position as me, people I met through Yas Forums that helped me with my transition, and I did likewise. Matter of fact, I'd say lurking for a while here actually predisposes you to being trans, at least I think so. We didn't really discuss it too often though because, duh, its a film board, so we just sort of casually went along with the bashing here and there, just to keep a lower profile on Yas Forums in general.

But ever since Yas Forums brought over the discord tranny meme its been fucking hectic, now literally every thread devolved to this shit, just for the living fuck of it. I get they can be funny sometimes but- Why? Why do you hate us so fucking much that you'll start thread after tread just to bash trans people in Yas Forums? I get that we tend to hold left wing views but gamergate was years ago, why bare we still holding onto the Yas Forumstard Yas Forums ideal? Try talking to a trans person for the first time, really, and you'll see right off how we're literally just regular fucking people, we can hold a conversation, we're funny, and we love films, that why we come here. I can't think of a single other minority that endures the nonstop barrage of hate that we do here and it sucks, it really does, but i keep coming back because I love you guys, I love the creative output of Yas Forums, and I want it to get better later on. Just something to consider.

This. I'm sick to death of BUT WE WUZ THE REAL MONSTERS, BUT HUMANS WAS THE REAL WALKIN DEAD SHEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIT. It doesn't make you clever. It doesn't make you deep. Also
Fuck OFF Druckmann with your fart huffing tired old bullshit

Abby and Anita Sarkeesian shit in each others mouths and choke to death

Joel wakes up and then proceeds to fuck Sarah

>Starts out as Abby trying to build a peaceful life
>You deal with threats to the Santa Barbara settlement, get to know the friends she's made, have a chance to grow attached to them
>Ellie then sabotages things by starting a fire and causing a clicker attack on the same night
>NPCs you like die including her little brother figure
>Rest of the game you choose which you play as as things spiral down the drain and they close in for the final fight
>Ending is an obligatory mutual kill so who you picked does not narratively matter, with a montage showing the devestation the two have caused on their quests for revenge over the credots
I'm 90% sure this is what it will be

You liberal scum love nothing except, your over-inflated sense of superiority to all other beings. The moment you and your cancer started to infest the West, was the moment America and her lands fell to corruption. Everything you do is to further the annihilation of all things good and pure, and in your twisted, warped, downright corrupt view of the world you think that everything you do, ever vile act that leads to the death of yet more innocents, is some how good and just. Letting in niggers is good from your point of view, letting in murderous, utterly insane muslims is a good thing to you people, letting in everything vile and horrid is a good thing to you people, BECAUSE ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN BEING RACIST, SEXIST, MISOGYNISTIC, HOMOPHOBIC, ANTI-SEMITIC, OR ANY OF THE OTHER FUCKING BUZZ WORDS!! You are so blind to the truth, to the light, that you blame others for your own crimes, because you can't take responsibility for any of your actions, or admit that what you are doing is wrong. You wanted to elect a creature who would have plunged the West into ruin and chaos, and when she doesn't get elected, you shift the blame onto another country, and now wish to go to war with this country, without taking into account the fact that, YOU WILL CAUSE UNCOUNTED DEATHS! For no other reason than "Muh Fee-Fees were hurt!" You would cause the deaths and rapes of countless just to justify to yourselves that you were right and all others who didn't agree with you were wrong. And you will never learn, you will never grow either mentally or spiritually. You will just continue on as soulless aberrations desiring the dissolution of all.And you wonder why anyone who is just, or moral opposes you and your vile puppet masters.


survival aspects
> eat
> drink
> dilate

Are the clickers even in this game? We've spent all this time talking about the leaks, and I don't think zombies have come up as a relevant detail even once

the forced revenge karma/morality thing is shit

in reality people don't always get their comeuppance, karma doesn't exist. It would be deeper and more resonant if he just lived with the things he did to survive or died in an unrelated way.

>on Yas Forums
>in the year 2020
>Asking why anyone on here hates anything

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Is there a survival horror game yet where you play as a tranny trying to avoid suicide?

>Joel and Tommy get their brains bashed in by a tranny

Is Naughty Dog based?

They were shown in the latest leak. Like 10 minutes or so. There's clickers and a bloater. So basically the exact same shit as the first game but even less.