>"E3" in 6 days

Insiders say Xbox's 3rd party event will have unnanounced games so yeah the pseudo-E3 train is now rolling.

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please, just give me Elden Ring... I beg you, From, give it to me... something... anything... please...

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Not going to happen. It's been cancelled, remember.

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Now that they're all done with ensuring that Xbone games run on the SeXbox, maybe the backwards compat team can go and make JSRF work.

no games bro

Also keep in mind it's only 3rd party games so no Xbox IPs yet. Don't let that discourage you remember MS announced DMC5 in 2018 there can be unexpected things here.

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and they announced Elden Ring last year too so there is a chance we could see that.

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I would like some Elden Ring gameplay.

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I fucking wish.

That means it will be on the Xbox

Even if insiders didn't say it it's still obvious.
They've been doing third party announcement deals before E3 was cancelled. They were probably all funneled into this.

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I just need Tales of Arise gameplay, and a release date. BUT, in a dream world:

>KH/SMT [including Persona] PC Port

>Dragon's Dogma 2

>OG Battlefront II on Switch.

A whole lot of nips telling based Phil to fuck off

Is there even a "The Road to E3 2020" pic, even if it doesn't really make sense?

>Elden Ring
>Back 4 Blood
>Dead Island 2
>Crysis Remaster
>Dragon Age 4
>Assassins Creed Valhalla
>Ghostwire Tokyo

I'd be VERY ok with this.

This. Add But also add
>Area 51
>MK DA,Deception, armagheddon, Mk9
>monkey ball
They gave me hunter the reckoning and I’m grateful but JSRF or any listed above would be great

Not entirely. Xbox pay out the ass for trailer and sometimes marketing rights(DMC5). Don’t be discouraged since it’s a 3rd party trailer fest, could be numerous things for everyone to enjoy.

whatever they announce will just make that tlou2 leak even funnier

Do you know how to read? I want it on the Xbox.

Pro golf 2021


I wanna see Fallout 76 roadmap, maybe they can squeeze an upcoming stuff teaser trailer while announcing next gen support? one can hope

All the companies will still show games. They can just have a stream.

Wait are people actually waiting for dragon age 4 after the writer himself sad he was a radical feminist?

Yes, so I can laugh at it.

For me it's Elden Ring and unexpected Silksong due to june Nintendo Direct cancel.

>another e3 with dead sonyroaches shitposting hopelessly
kek I'm loving it

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W-we're still doing a squilliam this year right bros? One final hurrah?

LEGO Star Wars, Elden Ring, and Vergil DLC


>budget Ori

>budget Ori