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Based lucina shitposter

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Based youposter

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T-ten FEET?!?!?

Have you never heard the expression "I wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole"?
They are talking about my penis.

Lucina 10”

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Why do people who make these garbage images always have such fucking awful taste?

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>that thong peek

Yes lord

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I genuinely love those. And that Rosalina is always packing.

>tfw the artist who does fem Ike is a women

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Lissa+0 cuz she's already perfect!

Lissa's weird leg cage!
Chrom makes her wear it to keep her from fucking!

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Manuela’s Manuelas+20

Hi I like Jill

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>tfw she self inserts as ike

>i exist on the same board as uncultured swine

I have yet to play her game but I know that she's a Wyvern Rider so I'm gonna assume she's both a top tier unit and waifu


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Pretty much. Path of Radiance also gives her a lot of development and dialogue for being a character that technically doesn't contribute to the story itself

Yeah but she pales in comparison to other redhead wyvern ladies such as Miledy and Minerva also Marcia is better

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