I finally deleted my account

I did it, guys.

After huge losing streak, I just couldn't take it.

Last straw was a normal game where our silver mid was feeding against diamond and out jungle was constantly disconnected.

It made me really mad. I spend 20 minutes of my life on this stupid match you couldn't win.

I don't wanna be a part of this crappy game with their crappy matchmaking.

I hope I will never go back.

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Nice blogpost btw

No one gives a fuck you room temp iq nigger

i hope it is true

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Bro you were just in losers' queue lmao
Just sleep it off bro
Just come back tomorrow

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What was your rank and how long have you been playing?

At least it was not Dota where you could see where the wind was blowing 5 minutes into the game, and the game is going to last 60.

I don't wanna be in losing queues anymore.
It has been a week since I won a match

G2 but I played against and with plats.
I don't know, more than 8 years I guess and I had about 10 accoutn I deleted. I hope this was the last one

>plays a shit game
>ragequits because he got wrecked, not because it's a shit game
How sad.


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i trult never got the appeal of moba's when you're playing solo, because you're never truly playing solo, and winning or losing is basically rng if you're not god-tier at the game.

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My midlaner fed 8+ deaths early 4 games in a row yesterday causing a fed jungler and midlaner to gank me repeatedly every time
And I didn't get mad because I'm not a child, I just went to play another game for the day
Also won one of those matches and still climbing
You're the only constant in your games

>Playing western games


>moba player
>we lost because of MY TEAMMATES
Every. Time.

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dude, I just mention. silver vs diamond
how is this ok?

also I check op.gg in ranked matches. Their mid could have like 17 wins out of 20 and our mid is on losing streak. Or our jungle is autofilled support.

I am not saying to I am the only one good player on our team, but you can deny that matchmaking is crap.

>oh, it just normals, have fun
Yes, having your mid smashed by dia is fun

I don't understand dota
it's 40 mins, everyone has full items sets, I am being one shot by the enemy because I am noob, but it's not even near to closing the game

>After huge losing streak, I just couldn't take it.
LMFAO, what else could you expect from Yas Forumsirgins.
Keep running away from responsabilities, you couldn't even handle a videogame.
This game is the ultimate gatekeep for single player unskilled seethers on Yas Forums

Stop checking op.gg everytime just to justify your shitty ass games, the only reason you lost a thousand games in a row is because you suck cock at the game AND you are tilted as fuck and looking for a reason to lose. Actually, just unistall the game, I'm tired of whiny ass autists like you.

Diamonds playing normals are playing absolutely for fun and not tryharding at all, can get pretty free win if you wanna tryhard in normals for some unknown autistic reason. If they are tryharding then well it's a normal, sucks, just take the L and go next.

>and another one realized that he was playing a slot machine
good, now that you managed to get out of the addiction try to have fun

see you next week on the rift

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see you next week

I used to play dota with 2 teams, we did decently, but that mentality killed both teams.

Welcome to your new life. It will only get better from here. Enjoy your freedom.
How much money did you spend on your account?

>getting this mad over a game

>expecting the "for fun, doesn't matter" mode to be balanced around the ranks in the mode made specifically to balance around ranks
Just play rankeds and your problem disappears retard

now delete your life account

Stop buying accounts

well done user.
if only my stupid ass friends had the least amount of braincells necessary to also pull that move

filtered shitter

Lol you fucking retard, the game was rigged from the start

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