Post vidya characters without actually posting them

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>woman with muscles larger than mine = bad
your insecurity is showing

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Would you want such a woman as the mother of your children? Hell would you want to fuck """her"""?

what was her problem?

Testosterone overdose.

Abigail from tlou2 is pretty hot, sure

i figured it out op

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ulster forever ulster above all ireland belongs to the english

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Vergil? Could also be Travis

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This was never a good shitpost

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A fellow scholar of Tomb Raider VI kino, I see.

I wish I wasn't the only one who cared about this game...

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Ps1 hagrid?



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Good genre wrong series

>another wordy liberal meme

the left cant meme

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>Admitting he's too incompetent and impatient to read a few words

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