I wonder why such great game got such a terrible reputation and only very niche appeal for the last 10 years but it...

I wonder why such great game got such a terrible reputation and only very niche appeal for the last 10 years but it wasnt until very recently that this game was revaluated, by clearly more informed players...mhhh I wonder

>Playstation 2: March 16, 2006
>Switch/Steam: 2018/2019

Oh that explains it. Casting pearls before swines and all that. Serves Squareenix right for locking the game for a decade with braindead players.

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I think it released super late in PS2 life

People didn't like it because Vaan looks like a prostitute

That and all the QoL and IZJS stuff added since original release.

and what are you basing this of?

Because FFX-XIII were the worst games in the series.

m8 you are being super disingenuous if you think it's only been a cult favorite since 2019

Facts and logic.

Yoshida's art style falls apart when it's the exact same thing with different series

The reason it gets better reception now is that they actually made some good improvements.
It's still rather mediocre, though.

but the rerelease got worse reviews than the ps2 one. i don't see what your getting at

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The original ps2 version was very different. The zodiac age is actually the 2nd rerelease of FF12. The first was the japan only IZJS version.

It was released very late in the ps2 lifecycle. 6 months before ps3.

For you?

The rerelease was reviewed in 2017 not 2006. Standards changed. The only future proof game seems to be aoe2.

based OP

>PS2 game is released... on PS2

wow, deep bro

>actual story and intrigue
>non-linear proggression paths
>turn based combat perfected
>the best localization ever
>fuck off weeb, we Star Wars now
10/10 would bang

FFXII is barely turn based

they fixed 4 niggas in a row genre

This game would be great if it wasn't so pathetically easy.

instead we got a programming minigame and 2 niggas running around in a circle

maybe if your program sucked shit

3 niggas*

There is a mod for it.
>As a general rule, most enemies have 2x HP and 1.3x stats, with certain exceptions to the rule
One of the many changes

the story is more game of thrones and less final fantasy, there's lot of in-universe politics and names to keep track of, so on first playthrough it looks rather boring, especially if you come from a more character driven plot like 10 or pretty much any other final fantasy.
Gameplay with gambits take a long time to properly open up and the licence system was cumbersome. Vaan is also the most wasted mc in all of final fantasy.

The plot is significantly better on second playthrough (which on a longass jrpg isn't always a good thing) and the gameplay has surprising amount of depth and customization, even more in zodiac age.

Most people's last FF game was X when XII came out, and it fails stupendously as a follow up. It was rightfully ignored and shit on. The only reason you fags suck it off now is because you've all seen how much worse the series can get.

haha lol i love brown game with faggot character designs and shitty mmo gameplay xDDD

This and it looked like shit on PS2. Jaggy all over, with fps drops

X is a dumbed down corridor turd though

This is the first time Nintendo hardware can run it. The switch has finally come up to the tech level of the Ps2.

Vanilla version sucked ass dumb nincel

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>Nintenlard doesn't even realize TZA is a heavily modified FF12
Sad, but predictable. It took them 15 years to play this gem.

That's fucking weird OP, looks like 2017 is missing from your history books entirely for some reason. That's weird of you OP.

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Blame vg cats for their viral 12 comic

Nigga the fuck you talking about? The game was lauded when it came out

It was extremely painful

Why is Basch missing?