Who is best girl and why is it Sakura?

Who is best girl and why is it Sakura?

Sakura Wars thread.

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Bet you like vanilla icecream too.


Haven't played the game, but I love vanilla ice cream and I think Sakura is cute

You don't?

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What's wrong with vanilla icecream? It's perfect for dressing it up how you want.

Currently trying to get Sakura's ending but Claris keeps butting in sending mixed messages. What do?

I totally didn't see that coming god damn

Bumping your thread for you OP. Good luck!

But Claris a cute, especially when i peeked at her skirt

I like Mint Chip. Which girl is for me?




*drum noises*

Should i get this game? I played one of the ps2 sakura wars when i was younger but i didnt like the gameplay.
I am considering getting this specifically for the cute taisho Fashion girls. Is it worth is?

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It's more of a visual novel, dating sim with combat in it, not the other way around. Just like Galaxy Angels
You play it for the cheesy 90's story and god damn i love it

Default Girl seems to be who most people pick by default.

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>save before big decision
>try every decision
>they all result in same outcome

What the fuck is this Persona 5 shit?


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>people pick the ninja
but why

I feel like I've played for like 6 hours but then I looked at the clock and it's only been 40 minutes.
This game is such a chore. too many useless dialogues.

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Sakura is dumb! Very dumb! Possibly too dumb!

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Why would you not pick the cutest girl?

She was lowest clear percentage on nip release too. You'd think they'd go for the loli, but no. It's because of 0 sexuality involved with her, I think.

Should I use a guide for LIPS or not?

Anime new episode coming today btw.

Vanilla ice cream is based just like vanilla porn. You have shit taste user.

>best girl
She is definitely top tier, especially since being a decent guy makes Hatsuho less interesting (she's more feisty if you're a jackass).

However, when pic related enters the game at the second chapter you know SakurAI is dethroned

the loli

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This. It is unbelievable boring all the way through. And Western players don't give a shit about the whole TWIST stuff, so that's out too.

why this bitch so busted in star ocean?

She's basically on par with Anastasia, percentage-wise, so I'm not sure that's it.


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>almost even split between the rest
>HAI DOMO gets twice as much
To be fair she's really easy to romance and the first chapter really leans on her especially. She's basically a shounen protagonist but as a cute girl.

That Anastasia gets less completion numbers than CLARIS is what's really enraging.
Who the hell chooses Claris, let alone over Hatsuho and Anastasia?
Who does that?

It's a shit Musou anyway. Be glad you aren't glued to a Musou horse and have to destroy flying enemies like that. Although flying enemies are irritating in this game too. Being Anastasia, she solves the problem.

welcome to JRPGs

>too many useless dialogues
>newfag can't into roleplaying and continually interacting with the characters

>using a guide
Follow your heart user.
and save/reload a lot. You can skip scenes until the decision/dialogue choices so it's easy too.

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Cute haidomo.