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Wow this is a blatant move to start policing the steam userbase.
If they can force valves hand through fake ethical outcry then Valve might give in and remove (((problematic))) profiles.

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We have to abolish crosskikery

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Quick watch this before Jannies delete the thread

Epic Game Store wins again.

>millions of users on steam
>200 are white supremacists
What's the problem?

Most underage gamers are now entering the "wow nazis are cool" phase. They'll grow out of it.

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Try not giving a fuck

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why is the picture so abstract? Almost as if they want you to manipulate looking at the data.

I thought it said AOL and then realized AOL is actually still around.

There's your answer OP. Reminder if it weren't for this shit hole anita skarsisian would be a nobody. You do it to yourselves

have sex, Yas Forumssimp

You can't live in peace because your ideology inherently thrives off of genociding others.
A white supremacist, by definition, cannot be peaceful.

Gabe "6 million lampshades" Newell.

>Platform with millions upon millions of users
We found a whole 200 "extremists" (But not left wing tranny gender erasionists!")
Aye, so a fucking drop in the water? Epic!

kek, read it as aol at first too

How much more proof is required until people crack?

Wrong, these kids are being exposed to dangerous truths you can't unlearn and can't come back from.

The opposing ideology requires strict information control and narrative training to maintain as its not based in reality.

Also fuck the Jews at the ADL, the ADL itself was created by Jews to defend a Jewish pedophile. The only good thing about the ADL is they have a building with a front door.

dilate more commie

im not. im talking about media outlets always shitting on valve for the dumbest things

what else do you think hes spending lootbox money on?

>Yas Forums
I know the left is poor at understanding the meaning of words but holy fuck this is a new level.

Ah yes, extremists like this.

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armed and dangerous

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kikes just seething they cant take the guns and White men are flexing on them in michigan lmao

I keep this for close quarters

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The signs were always there

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No witnesses

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I miss him

At that time he wouldn't have been considered a pedo tho.

rip my nigga

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What game is he playing?

>every kid in the world is 24
>has had enough experience with niggers and Jews to say Hitler was RIGHT

That's the most Jewish response I've ever seen to that

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Anita would've grown exponentially if she met no resistance. Eat shit Jew boy, harrassment works and you very clearly know.

You can't live in peace because your ideology inherently thrives off of genociding others.
A jew, by definition, cannot be peaceful.

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>Drugs, rapes, and murders a young girl
Literally: well technically Epstein was a hebephile.....

>the jew cries out in pain as it strikes you

This. You can tell Yas Forums is one of the more mature boards because we've outgrown our edgy nazi phase and embaced tolerance and multiculturalism.

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diversity means antiwhite

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>oh no i dont like being called out for being perpetually racist! what do you mean people dont like to be called a nigger kike jew faggot ever single day in almost all online interaction!

He still murdered and raped sooooooooooooooooo

Doesn't matter if they do or not, they're destined to become shit-sucking retards either way like everyone else and drag the world down with them.

It is truly time to rise up