Can anyone tell me why do you hate this game so much?
underaged/childish blind hatred, that's all I see when this game is being discussed here.
not gonna lie, its gameplay is pretty generic.
none of it is new, but it's solid and pretty challenging (more than Resi games imo) in higher difficulties.
y'all just hate it cause it's by ND/Sony and you don't agree with the politics of the devs.

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I don't hate the game, but it gets undeserved praise. Especially for something with such awful AI and melee animations.

>board is getting flooded with these threads
fuck off JIDF or we'll ramp up the ovens

Storyshit, not a real videogame. Belongs in Yas Forums.

There's not much wrong with TLOU1. It's a great game, albeit a bit story heavy.
TLOU2 looks like hot garbage though

It's one of those movie games. You play it once get the experience and never touch it again.

Rent free

The AI is impressively bad. It wouldn't be that bad if it was only the zombies, but the humans too have completely retarded behavior.

It's a walking simulator with mediocre action.

The whole beginning of the game is just on rails until the daughter dies. Then it's just walking and hearing characters talk until you get an AI partner that for some reason can bump into enemies and remain undetected. By far the most overrated Sony movie game.

It's a shame we won't get stuff like Twisted Metal Black or Parappa again.

I just watch movie games on YouTube now.

I hate mediocre games that are hyped up to extreme levels, and that's what TLOU is. It's a mediocre game with an okay story attached to it. It did not deserve the awards it got, same with Bioshock Infinite.

this place eats the fuck out of dogshit story games like catherine and p5 tho
but hey japanese games are untouchable

It's the most average of games I think I've ever played. And people regard it as the next coming of Christ of video games. It's just so baffling.

I've only jacked it to the loli sfm that came of it but from what I know it's just a subpar storygame that won every single award simply for being 'le deep and serious'
Moviegames are trash and the people who write that shit only do so because they want to make actual movies but even studios have standards and would never accept their trash stories so they play high and mighty in the field of videogames, which is full of retards.


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i would fucking love to absolutely pummel casualized zoomers in some Twisted Metal multiplayer

Yet Hellblade is okay?

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I don't. I don't care about the first game or the second or this whole controversy.

It’s popular. Just ignore the babies here. They don’t like games, just like to appear intelligent through entertainment of all things

>hate it because it's by ND/Sony
Are there people who seriously still consolewar?

Because it's not on Nintendo, the first game is unironically a funny tps

Nothing really wrong with it but it isn't the Citizen Kane of games either. Big budget TPS with satisfying melee combat.

>Can anyone tell me why do you hate this game so much?

You're in Yas Forums. Hate bandwagoning is strong here. If a game is popular, its going to be hated on and the simple minded with be manipulated into thinking its bad.

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I don't care for cinematic games personally. I own every sony console and haven't touched a naughty dog game since Jak 3.

When originally released they were selling the highest dificulty setting as a dlc. Multiplayer needed an online-pass. The puzzles were trash, the story was full of cliches from other mediums and the gameplay had nothing fresh to offer. Overall it was a good game, maybe 8/10, but there are retards who call it a second coming of christ so it's only natural to hate it for that alone.

Because it ticks so many shitposting flags that Yas Forums is bound to hate it.
>very popular
>story focused western game
>platform exclusive

I would lie if I didn’t mention that I also found it somewhat overrated, it was a nice but certainly *not* a revolutionary experience, but all the Yas Forums’s hatred for it is just comical.

i dont because i play games for the gameplay and the gameplay is pretty good. tlous story was only decent and fell off hard near the end, and there were red flags that 2s story were going to be trash, i was expecting shit like this after they forced that romance in the left behind dlc.

but the leaks have unironically have me gotten me hyped because it showed some multiplayer footage, it was supposedly cut and was the best thing about the first one gameplay over everything suck my dick

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My only knowledge about it is the porn.

>bad writing
>boring characters
>shitty gameplay
>repetitive music
>cliche ending
>20 hours of cutscenes
your right it's because of politics

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Simple, it embodies everything that went wrong with the mindset behind modern game design. Let's have a more fun question, which of the two had a more original premise, prototype or the last of us?

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I remember Dunkey tearing it a new shithole all those years back

I don't hate it, it's just maybe one of the most massively overrated games up there along with Bioshock Infinite.

It's entirely praised for amazing story and characters even though the narrative is just the most generic zombie movie 'woah humans were the reals monsters not the infected' theme that's the same as every fucking thing in the genre.
The only reason anyone gives a shit about the characters is just brute force spending 12 hours with them while a film only gives you 2hrs, and 'muh daughterfu' emotional pandering that loads of games have started doing.

It's the videogame equivalent of oscarbait. It's the same as movies like Crash, that win the oscar and are supposedly the best and then a few years later nobody can even remember them.
This isn't even getting started on the bland, derivative gameplay that somehow manages to integrate a companion AI into the game in a worse way than Half Life 2 did a decade earlier with Alyx, despite the entire narrative being about the companion.

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It's pretentious and way up it's own ass. It brings nothing new to gaming or story telling. Games like Half Life 2, Goldeneye, Halo, RE4 were innovative and changed gameplay. TLOU just stole it's story from The Road except it's nowhere as good

yes, the game that Yas Forums hates so much but is so triggered by leaked story developments that it continues to make dozens of threads about it for days and days

we did it, Reddit Yas Forumsros!!!

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I don't get it
The last of us was about a guy and some little girl travelling with him, right? Was that little girl Sarah or Ellie? Which one of them became a lezbo?

It’s not exactly news that Yas Forums spends more time discussing things it hates than it does discussing things it likes.

afaik sarah dies or something and ellie is the substitute daughteru
Never played the game either I just shitpost around and masturbate to lolis

That's not a very good crop job

Sarah is Joel's real daughter and gets shot and dies in the intro of TLOU. He reluctantly develops a similar bond with Ellie later. Then in the DLC it turns out she's a lesbian.