Obscure vidya waifu thread

Post lesser known vidya girls you like.

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Arina is a fucking whore and Waku Waku 7 is fucking shit

Arina is not that obscure

Shit taste all-around.

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>Dresses like a whore
>Everyone wishes for cool shit to the Waku Waku balls
>She wishes for a boyfriend

Everyone had half-assed wishes except Rai and Tesse

I didn't know she existed until watching an LPer play WW7 recently
I wish I was even somewhat decent at fightan games, or that I had any interest in becoming decent for that matter. lots of cool characters and settings I'm missing out on it would seem

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It's an old game and it wasn't very popular so most people never heard of it.

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WW7 isn't that hard to play, you should have fun with it.

Please play Little Magic. It's an excellent puzzle game for the GBC that flew under the radar and nobody gives it any love. Unironically one of my top 10 GOAT

As a sidenote: God I love cute redheads

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Waku Waku 7 is gotta be one of the most underrated fighting games in history. It's a shame, cause it's a ton of fun.

Arina is super cute, and has lots of great giantess art. Based Torajimaneko used to draw her all the time.

>and has lots of great giantess art
Where? I can't find any

Blossom from Battlerite

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I wish I was better at waku waku 7.

truth. all i have to say is j. enagma cannon

Cute, is her game any good?

5 seconds


Metal Gear Acid had a lot of great designs, but I love this one in particular because she has a 5head.

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Fuck yeah, loved this game. Those last few puzzles got completely insane. I eventually found a Japanese walkthrough site I had to refer to for one or two.

The GBC version is actually a port. It was originally a SNES game, that's why the puzzles are larger than the GBC screen.


Also if you loved Little Magic, play Catrap.

Just do it.

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Ah, cool to find someone who knows this game.

The master levels were surely a bitch but nothing compared to the postgame where you play as Juno. I somehow managed to beat at least half of them.
>I eventually found a Japanese walkthrough site I had to refer to for one or two.
Do you still have the link? It would come in handy since I am currently beating the SNES version so I can 100% both games but I am stuck on level 70 something and I forgot how I originally got past it.

Also, do you have any idea of who is the flicking blue/pink witch who shows up in the SNES version? It can't be Juno because she shows up in the intermissions between levels.

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the game is so obscure and ancient that Yas Forums doesn't deserve to know about it, so i will just post few things and probably the 1(ONE) person that knows the game will be happy someone else played this thing and had fun


4 characters
-guy with the top half of a robot (that open his chest using a special move) as companion
-girl with a dog as companion
-loli riding a robot,name starts with M
-cool robot guy with a rifle


Thanks dude. From one of the six people on this board who even know this game exists.

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Leela from Marathon

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You lost me.

Wouldn't happen to have been raocow would it?

Phoebe/Faye from final fantasy mystic quest

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