Anyone else go switch sides this gen?

Anyone else go switch sides this gen?
I went from PS3 to Switch. I enjoyed BoTW and looking forward to xenoblade and playing hollow night portable gave me nice GBA/DS castlekino feels, but I feel like I'm missing out on too many AAA games like FFVIIR, Nier automata and KH3.
Too many ports of games that I already have on PS3.
Anyone else in the same boat?

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Is that your sister in the back?

I went from PS3 and 360 to PC, then bought a Switch.
PC + Switch is literally all you need.
You can play everything with that combo, even better if you sub to PS Now and/or Xbox Game Pass

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>white hand
holy cringe

PC gaming is the worst meme.
Imagine playing video games at your desk.
Imagine buying over priced components that do the same job as a console that's like $300 bucks.
The biggest problem is the fucking input lag though. It's awful on windows and even worse on linux

>nintendo only recognizing two genders

I've always bought the nintendo and sony console every gen but this one has really showed their greed as a company and their willingness to fuck over the consumers. I still have a Switch and a PS4 Pro (rarely use the latter) but my main go-to will always be PC now.

didn't a tomato come out on switch? become as gods edition or whatever?

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>Anyone else go switch sides this gen?
fanboi plebs in a nutshell

They're tools, not a sports team that needs your support.

30 fps XD

There's no point in owning a switch if you have a pc since you can just emulate it.

also VR, shitty nintendo lab vr vs vs 200 FOV pc vr masterrace, get cucked

Switch has no games, I'm also not a tranny, fag, pedophile, or ugly roastie(those people are in your boat). No, I'm not in the same boat.

>playing console games

Imagine learning that PC has HDMI out and wireless controllers/keyboards/mice
Imagine learning that you don't have to fucking pay a ton of money because you only want to play graphical puke storygame shit
Imagine having such a broken brain that you actually believe there's more input lag on PC than console. You probably don't even turn on (or even know about) Game Mode on your TV, either, and you still bitch about "input lag" BS.

Consoles are for children. End of fucking story.

Hey dumbass you can plug it into your TV. You can play PS4 exclusives through PSNow and Xbox games through Game Pass.

lol imagine not cracking single player games.............. LOL

there are no genders in animal crossing
just like cyberpunk 2077

>input lag

The fuck are you talking about nigga?

PC isn't portable

sold my ps4 last year after never using it, got this february a switch and have been playing it since every day. an hour or two of animal crossing per day is perfect to wind down in the evening.

You aren't missing out on KH3, trust me.

This, honestly. I recently had a look though the switch catalog to see if it's worth getting and literally 99% of its games are just ports and rerelases of sometimes decade old games (DS and Skyrim for example) at nearly full release price. Even it's biggest title (until recently) - BotW is a WiiU port.
Why the fuck do people praise this overpriced piece of shit tablet so much is beyond me.

playing botw on switch at 30 1080p vs 1440p/4k 120+ fps on PC......... XD


The switch is literally made to be hacked, if it's not a hackable model, don't buy it

30fps* also free on pc lmaooo

>PS Now
wait, you can play ALL games on pc? Including stuff like god of war 4 (if it ever was on rotation)

>Why the fuck do people praise this overpriced piece of shit tablet so much is beyond me.
portability and comfyness. Also best indie platform and even old ports might have a reason to buy them.
Portable skyrim is not something other consoles do, same with portable devil may cry or whatever game you say. If you say "portability" is useless then it's just a (you) problem, cause it matters to others.
Ports being near full price is bullshit tho, there i totally agree

>Gigantic ogre hand
>KFC poster
what about you post yourself on a scale, for a laugh?

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>that poster