Assassin's Creed: World of Vikingcraft

It's been two years since the last AC, are you hyped for this one?

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Will be fun like the last 2 but nothing spectacular.

No it will be the same ubishit openworld as always

Since Eziokino is back on the menu, yes.

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what the fuck? why does he look so much worse than for honor vikings?

Did vikings use flails?

>16th century plate armor

>big ass warrior

i'll get it once it becomes featured in a humble bundle.

no wtf i would be ? it's just another reskin of the last game. only people excited for this are literal retards from Yas Forums that thinks vikings are super chad and "aryan" and that's enough for them to be hyped

This looks retarded

Looks silly and I never cared about fake historical games that are ass creed.

>only people excited for this are literal retards from Yas Forums that thinks vikings are super chad and "aryan" and that's enough for them to be hyped
Your comment was good up until you went full autist on it

>team that made black flag and origins is making this one


>Caring about assassin's creed after Ezio

Will the new Assassin's Creed game include pic related?

I sure hope a diverse and progressive company like Ubisoft does, it would be unfair to undermine true European pagan culture by omitting such a vibrant cultural practice.

Surely Vikings wont act according to modern Christian conceptions of virtue as opposed to their historical value system in order to vilify Christians as evil and intolerant while painting pagans in a good light.

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Unless it was a farm tool, no. They weren't used in combat til a few hundred years later

as if ubisoft gave a shit to historical accuracy after the ezio games


im almost 100% sure that they didnt. They were very primitive compared to the rest of europe. They used swords, axes, bows, spears and MAYBE hammers

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honestly im such a huge faggot for any game with decent combat and good character customization so i probably will buy this once it goes on sale

see i KNEW it was ezio
>hurr durr no its not 400 years hurr durr
its most certainly a glitch / future thing

Yes. Can't wait to dual wield shields

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>Anything Ubishit
What's wrong with your brain?

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Literally just a fapfic from a perverted Arab who was dumb enough to talk about how filthy they were when they had a reputation for grooming and cleaning themselves obsessively like women.
In other words, fake news.

As Schreier said, the gameplay reveal will be next week on xbox event

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Viking/North has become absolute reddit.

fantasy garbage. I thought ac was supposed to be mostly historical?

Nah, blunt weapons were pretty pointless in the dark age meta because so few people had armor.

>noooo not muh vikingrinos
>we wuz aryans and shit

user vikings were clean compared to Saxons, but they used a communal water basin to wash before meals, while Iraqis insisted on having water poured on their hands.

If that's Ezio or even Altair, then there has to be sopme time travel mumbo jumbo

>stone buildings fucking everywhere in 9th century England

Yeah, no.

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I'll buy this game only because of the flail. I buy every game where you can wield a flail. I even started playing paladin in WoW because of a flail artifact.

>female vikings

>Look at how evil this Saxon king is for thinking that he should kill this invading armed force that is pillaging his country
>Look at how civil are these Vikangs! When they pillage other countries they totally leave young beautiful women alone and not rape the living shit out them as spoils of war
Yea sure my hype is off the charts

>elder futhark
I don't get it.
Even a casual wikipedia search would tell you that's not the runes that were used in the viking period.
Casuals aren't gonna be able to tell the difference, so it can't be because it's what casuals expect.
And yet, without fail, they put in the elder futhark instead of the younger futhark.

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mfw no shield in fucking greece

also the combat and movement felt nutered compared to origins

after AC 3 shit went downhill fast user
>old gods
>ogres n shit
the whole story line with like ancient alien human like things was put aside quickly

ummm... no?