Animal Crossing Turnip Exchange

Post dodos and turnip prices. How is your island going? Are all your villagers happy in their commie blocks?

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Wuh-oh! 6KN27. Regretfully sold my own turnips earlier at around 300, oh well. Come make some sweet $$$.

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Just found out the hard way that you can only have a total of 8 ramps. Loads of BS for anyone (like me) trying to have a mountainous island with nature paths.

Infantile garbage. Popular only with women and homosexuals.


So what are you doing in these parts, sailor :3?

do you need something or would like to have a tip?

>am a homosexual woman
Wow, how'd you know?

owo >:3

Also trannies.

Um, sorry sweetie, that would be TLOU2

Naw, I'm good. Some dosh would be appreciated to make up for selling at half what I could've gotten. But just a quick scribble on the board would be nice enough. Just come sell your turnps free of charge if ya want.

So what does Yas Forums think may day going to be all about? Is it actually going to give us new villagers, or is it all just a ploy to keep people playing?

I only got a Rover's Briefcase for clearing the maze. Not sure if there's anything else. Also I can order a Mother's Day Mug.

Oh, if folks have some time to spare. Please take a look around the island and give me some feedback on how to improve (not through ingame chat please). It's still very much a work in progress, but any input is well appreciated.

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Rover's added

can you post a new dodo code, wanted to make the last trip and leave you some bells

Island crashed. It's open again with dodo 86FWN. Sorry for the inconvenience if it caused any.

still open? I am just gathers my turnips?

i keep getting interference :/

Wuh oh time

I was so close, I was on the plane and it kicked me out

Dom wants to change his catchphrase, any suggestions?

epstein did not kill himself

Needs to be ten letters tops.

Crashed, again. Hopefully it doesn't repeatedly crash. Dodo 1JH26

My prices are decreasing and this gives me a chance to cash out before work. Thanks.

-autonomous lawnclippings

i would move the camp site away from all the houses to have it more secluded. and thank you for hosting, it payed for all the remaining house upgrades

Anyone after the stone lion DIY?

>trying to do the controlled rock spawns for a zen garden
>perfectly spaced dropped 100 bell items covering island in an alternating grid
>rock spawns directly between two dropped bell piles

Are you FUCKING kidding me? Did I waste an hour setting it up this way? Please say sike bros, I'm getting sick thinking about cleaning up everything and placing custom tiles down on every square...


>someone quietly left
>instantly crashes island again
Hey, user. You suck. New dodo is 1PR61. Of course I have some apples for you Tobias, if ya wanna come pick some up.


>bought 4mil worth of nips
>price today is 60
just end my fucking life. I'm too lazy to fuck around with all this wuh-oh bullshit as well


Yes, of course it did. I think something's up with my internet at the moment, it never went ballistic every damned minute before. Gonna try again later I guess. Currently there's a heavy storm outside which might be the cause of my poor connection. My island welcomes all but I feel like you might get your turnps sold faster through Turnip Exchange or whatever if this keeps up.

If ya wanna sell that badly, we can exchange FC and you can come over by yourself. My turnip price of 594 is still good for the next 7 hours so I'm not particularly in a hurry.

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