Was it cringe?

Was it cringe?

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I still have no clue what gamer gate was about

It was bringe.

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Me neither

It was justice.

But yeah there was a lot of cringe.

Damn she's cute, who is she?



I want to fuck Vivian.

The only cringe thing about it is that "people" still won't shut the fuck up about it.

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The gamurs rise up memes would be more effective if they showed up when GG was in full swing in 2014-2015 instead of several years later

Yes, you do realize that this whole sjw power play happened due to GamerGate. Anita Sarkessan played you chumps hard

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It was found out some indie dev sucked off a game journalist to get publicity for her shitty game and then something something something gamers hate women

Leaderless movement, I was many different things at once.

It wasn't bloodthirsty enough.

there was tons of blatant shady business going on in games journalism and yet when did you ever actually hear about it during gamergert? nobody focused on facts and instead went full retard

- overGROWN-ASS Feminist retardbitches appear.
- overGROWN-ASS Feminist retarbithces have developed in body but not in brain. They can't argue with Chads and adults, can't attack sports.
- Result: They are only comfortable arguing with underage people, children and teenagers.
- Concoct conspiracy theory excuse: Tits in video games/comics/etc. lead to gamers raping women left and right. Full Retard Award #1, sharing 1st place with "violent video games and movies create serial killers".
- Start attacking underage hobbies and underage people, for the past 10 fucking years.
- overGROWN-ASS FEMINISTS get argued into a corner by underage of all things.
- Beg "Journalism" for help to stoop to their own level and spend the last 10 years writing hit pieces against underage people and their underage hobbies.
- Result: "Journalism" has record low public trust in history and is a laughingstock among society now. First time in history that it's beneath US Congress in public trust stats.
- Long-term result: Underage people remember vividly every fucking moment retarded Feminists and SJWs and woke "Journalists" ruined their fun, hormones, youth, by attacking their underage hobbies.
- Underage people sooner or later start replacing people in power as the next generation, and now the great attack on undoing retarded stupidbitch Feminism, Social Justice Evangelism, and "Journalism" begins.
- Underage people who come of age vote anything Feminists, Social Justice Evangelists, and woke "Journalists" hate.

This was GamerGate.
This is the way.

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They were angry some ugly whore fucked some kotaku blogger. Used that as an excuse to doxx other leftoid video game bloggers

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who knows?
>inb4 thread gets pruned by fag mod's

yes but vivian isn't

Five Guys Burger and Fries

All of those are ironic garbage. Faggots that post them all deserve the rope.

a dev wanted to give her game, who it would normally just pass as one of those 3/10 artsy games with no real gampley into a 10/10 masterpiece
Slept with 5 different reviewers and paid quite a bit to make her game climb up

despite the strong wording, this makes sense
these people dug their own grave and the internet as terrabytes worth of their degeneracy proving theirs is not the way

shamelessness of vidya journalism


this was only the start of it
the real kicker was every other big name journo releasing an article about how gamers were dead within hours of each other, i think there was like two dozen-odd all up
the collusion was blatant and retarded

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you know I can see replies right

Some dumb bitch named Zoe Quinn slept with gaming "Journos" to buy positive reviews and marketing.
Dumb bitch and "Journos" got found out.
Dumb bitch and "Journos" decided to hide their degeneracy behind some pseud virtue politics.
Dumb bitch whined in front of the UN alongside another bitch about how cyberbullying is bad because it leads to suicide.
Same dumb bitch decides to sexually exploit some guy who is medically certified to be mentally ill.
Dumb bitch make fake rape accusations.
Dumb bitch knows she could never win in court because she is a lying dumb bitch, so she concocts the idea to make accusations public despite the dates being well within the Statute of Limitations to go to court privately, and clearly she doesn't lack the courage to speak out so there's no excuse for not going private into court.
The goal of this is so her Feminist personal army and Twatter/Tumblr CancelCulture cyberbully the mentally ill guy into suicide in order to avoid court ever happening where experts would uncover that she is a lying bitch.
Guy's biological sister decides to #believeallwomen" in a public statement instead of showing skepticism and critical thinking capability and asking for a court procession by experts, adding fuel to the fire.
Guy finally suicides.
Social Justice Evangelist websites start purging Zoe Quinn from their Hall of Worship threads and pages.
Feminism has the lowest public trust and public perception in history.
Vast majority of women now disassociate with Feminism finding it toxic, cringy, and filled with incels, as per reports by feminist screeching sites themselves like BBC and NYT.

That's the long and short of it.

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It was necessary and still is.

Started out with the right idea, turned into absolute cringe after a while. Probably responsible for the increase in Yas Forums-posting on this board in particular

Normalfags ruin everything

Between this and the #Metoo crowd dying on the hill of Sleepy Joe, the future might be looking quite bright.

Gamergate was correct, but it ended up fucking ruining Yas Forums and for that I shall never forgive it.

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>feminist screeching sites themselves like BBC
How out of touch are you

We need to get Donald trump to tweet about it

You can judge a thing by its enemies.
And gg's enemies were: kotaku, polygon, gawker and similar and all other game bloggers, sarkeesian, "indie devs", californians, progressives, feminists.
Oh yeah, and moot and his loyal army of hotpockets. What a cuck.

It amazes me how something like Gamejournopros was buried by Gamergate deciding to whine about women instead

For about two seconds it was about how gaming journalists were fuckwits who would just trade high reviews for "favors" which was a reasonable complaint. It ended up turning into a spergfest about feminists or some retarded shit though lmfao.

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Ask that in front of a mirror, BBC has been fake news opinion piece garbage on par with DailyMail for the last 10 years.

jewt ruined Yas Forums by mishandling gamergate
he flipflopped between whether it was allowed or not before finally deciding to shut it down completely when he realized it was impacting his social circle, and the disproportionate amount of effort he put into making sure it stayed shut down led people to think he'd completely sold out

Exactly this. Fuck.

Better question; Was it worth our dubs?

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>it ended up fucking ruining Yas Forums
By getting banned from Yas Forums? Even Yas Forums?

BBC has always represented the most milquetoast, basic bitch opinion shared by almost all Bongs. If you think it's feminist screeching that's because you've just fucking dropped out of society.

>The state funded TV set up that's got 'White people can't apply for this job' on fucking back room positions frequently enough to be of note
>Not a progressive pit

>Resident Evil 4 ruined RE forever

similar weakshit babby logic

By driving hordes of redditors to our site.

You should go and speak to some leftists sometime, they've got similar arguments proving how anti-left wing the BBC is lol

Ms Sarkeesian destroyed gamers
Yas Forums has since shunned anybody who identifies as such

I hate feminism.
I hate trannies.
I hate niggers.

I hate YOU

Should've gatekept better.

you're about 20 years behind the 8ball, sweaty


i tought you folks liked some of those
i remember some cool trans characters
and good black characters

Can't gatekeep when the guard doesn't do his job.

some people blame trumps popularity within gaming being a direct result of the behavior journalist engaged in at this time. It was a wild few months to say the least and showed the unaware of how the entertainment industry truly functions. whatever you believe, whatever side or opinion take it's hard to deny the relevance of GG.

If you genuinely thought Yas Forums wasn't shit before you are delusional and/or a newfag.

I still don't understand how Yas Forums could look the other side with GG.
Of course it wasn't perfect, but GG was needed to let the truth shine.

very, celebs basically used all you guys to get more famous/rich while moot took all the flak

>while moot took all the flak