70 euro for a videogame

>70 euro for a videogame
>70 euro for a budget b team game
> 70 euro
Boycott these bullshit practices if you don't games soon cost a liver for no reason
>But muh gamepads
Fuck off they are forcing you to use it this way

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literally yuropoor
gamepass it or wait for a crack faggot

>NOOOOOOOOOO rather support my shitty indie game which has like 1% worktime put into for 20 bucks

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Dude, just change your store to Argentina or Turkey.
Funny because small-team strat games are superior for sure.

>Implying most indie teams don't put in autistic amount of effort like Hollowknight and Terraria and Stardew Valley

retarded opinion christ

>paying for games

Game is really good but the price is fucking retarded.
As was said gamepass it for a buck or wait for crack.

Considering that the new trend is to release unfinished games, I agree

pay for 1 month of gamepass, play all the games that interest you and then cancel. wait a few months for more games to be added, repeat.

I paid like $1 or something and played like 12 games already.

The game is actually really fun and challenging at times.

>Everybody going for the tree with the anti-Overwatch shout
>Not going for the taunting borderline-impervious to damage tree

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3 dollars for the pcpass and you can play it

>budget game
It's literally the best looking strategy game ever, AAA quality for a genre niche as fuck, pretty damn based on my book.

Gå lägg dig björn

>a game put out by a AAA owned studio is $60

My only real grievance with the game is that there's no real reason to use the non-essential recruits unless the game forces you to use them in side missions. You're better off using the story characters all the time, and constantly recycling your recruits by dismissing and hiring new ones. They're scaled to your level so you're not missing out by doing this.

They should just put Gears Ultimate on Steam already

the euro is almost at parity with the dollar and you have absurdly high consumption taxes to pay for all of your totally free social services

Just use the gamepass retard
I'm really starting to think that MS fucked the price to bring more people to use their service

I love how bullshit powerful everything is in this, it's like constant fight of broken vs broken.
>1 turn cooldown nade scouts
>support shitting out free actions with cooldown reduction armor
>heavy with max anchored and heat stacks
>sniper getting free actions, then more free actions, then a free reload and some more free actions
>Vanguard with 75% damage reduction and a -50% damage taunt with life leech and regeneration
And the game doesn't even feel easy with all that shit because enemies are equally as bullshit.

>not having a russian steam account and paying like $2 for it on a cdkey website
Or this.

Get Xbox Game Pass for PC. One dollarino currently.
Then you can try it and see that it's pretty meh.

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>1 turn cooldown nade scouts
Ah, you too have seen the light.

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someone help me out here. when i see posts from euros complaining about paying aaa prices for aaa games, am i just seeing people from the countries that shouldn't be sharing a currency with germany, or is it the richer euros complaining?

It's free with Xbox pass which I got also free for 3 months with my 5700 XT.

Yeah you're pretty much seeing everybody else outside of Germany who got fucked by a unified currency.

>And the game doesn't even feel easy with all that shit because enemies are equally as bullshit.
>Those "hold the two points" missions where it limits you to two characters

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its worth 1$ for gamepass

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So is there any actual reason why Gears games are 10$ more than all other video games? I remember the last one had this too.

> equating worktime and quality

How large is the file size?


Think it was 30GB. It doesn't have map procedural generation so its filesize is quite small compared to XCOM 2.

Heavy with maxed anchor and the bloodbath armor stolen from coletrain is borderline invincible. Mine tanked the first boss for 4 turns, just standing there shooting it in the ass with the occasional heal from the main character.

Did one rescue mission with him so far and TYRONE just runs right up in their face, eats their damage, then heals it back up during his own turn while killing them all. He's not even high level, only lvl 5.

ok maybe game publishers need to use price discrimination to offset this. if a game is just absurdly too expensive for the average worker in a given country, then they'll just pirate the game.

howdo i get $1 gamepass. pls help.

That's the thing, they can't. There's no system on Steam to alternate the price of a game in different countries using the same currency.

Go to cdkeys, pay like 5$, get Xbox game pass, download, play, finish, delete.

Gamepass is pretty fucking based, bros.

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Diversity is worth any price.

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>not pirating the game and using the uwp bypass
look at this consoomer

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