Webm Thread

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I hope it's not Chris' blood!

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how many man-hours went into this uncanny abomination

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where's the video games

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smug sticc bitch

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wut gum

REmake 1 when ?

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I had my first playthrough of SS2 a few months ago. And these things terrified the fuck out of me. I was a retard and put my settings on the highest difficulty and got my ass handed to me. Then tried turning it down to just hard and everything seemed the same. I went through the game up until the reveal not knowing I was still playing on the hardest settings. Made me feel good when I stuck it all out to the end though.

These fuckers were the bane of my existence in the early game, though.

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I regret nothing.

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>What do you think of it?

Reminds me of that one Hotline Miami 2 level

difficulty doesn't matter, it's all about atmosphere baby

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Fun and flashy game for a while but quickly gets monotonous.

Level design is shit

looks like postal early access

Imagine being so uncreative at making fight scenes that you copy scenes from an anime.