Does this bitch got any other lines?

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she has the best lines

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dilly dally silly shally

shut the fuck up, that's my wife you are talking about

>playing with weeb language

>playing with tranny language

Imagine the smell.

I thought it was cute every time she said that
>State of Yas Forums, playing games dubbed

>playing with cringe jap voices you don't even understand that all sound like the same shit and don't even match the characters
i fucking hate weebs so much

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Cope normalfag

Shawa sekkusu with Tifa

if your concerned about something not matching, the english really changes some scenes.

English is not canon, they're literally playing a fan fiction

>berates playing in tranny language
>types in tranny language

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The localization significantly changes the meaning of some dialogue, as does the change in voice cast. If you want to understand what's really going on you should definitely play in Japanese.

>playing Japanese with english subs
>Know a little Japanese
>pretty sure words and sentences not adding up

Now im playing the original ff7 on ps4 in Japanese and just translating as I go on the other monitor

>got any other lines?

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that's a nice ass, I'm surprised

Tifa has a nice ass

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thank god the german dub/text is, as always, based on the japanese text, not the english one.

Shikata nai desu

How come the european translations usually are better than the american one? Don't they care over there?

I do have a rudimentary understanding of the Japanese language after years of watching subbed anime and English isn't even my first language. Sorry, but not everyone is as much of a fat retarded EOP as you.

Something something I hope Cloud is okay something something look how cute I am

>Know a little Japanese
>Knowledge gained from my favorite cartoons of course.

Why can't we have UK/AU/SG English subs free from the American faggotry?

Not him but literally enough to understand why the localization is shit

god bless Israel, fellow mutt

>all sound like the same shit and don't even match the characters

Yep, it made me cringe when Cloud's subs were something like "Bring it on, bitch!" when he just says "I'm your opponent".


>Aerith jumps from falling ladder
"Bloody hell"
>jesse asks Cloud for a pizza date
"U want some fuk, mate?"
>Cloud seeing Sephiroth in the ally
"Oi, youre fooking dead bloke"

Nah, i'll keep it as is

>throws autistic shitfit because people listen to something in its original language
>calls people insufferable
Why are americans so fucking retarded? Seriously, how hard can it be to read subtitles and play at the same time?

You retard weebs are beyond saving with your delusions. The voices are fucking awful. You're just too used to your garbage anime. God I can't take anymore of this, I need to stop talking to degenerates like you, it just makes me even more angry.

Oh the irony..

It's certainly one way to go about it, but not very efficient and you'll speak like an autist if you spoke to a Jap like an anime character