ITT: Autistic shit you did in vidya

no holding back

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100% completion

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which games?

Wasting ammo on dead bodies if I'm going to discard a gun or refill it.

I used to react whenever I got hurt in single player games

If I got shot for example, Id let out an audible "Ow fuck". Get stabbed? Id go "ahhh shiitttt fuck fuck fuck"

Remember one time when it was 2 pm, my family was sleeping as I was playing New Vegas and I was fighting some raiders. I get set on fire and my first instinct for some reason is to shriek like I'm actually on fire. I'm pretty autistic but it really is immersive


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I hold down the shift key to sprint with two fingers, also at random intervals I toggle caps lock on and off

Did someone on this shthole listen other vidya music while playing the game on mute? I did.

if I'm really tense ill viciously smash buttons on my controllers when i just need to tap them. fuckin makes my finger sore and will probably end up killing the button
i.e. fighting a boss in sekiro and nervously trying to get all my parries off

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>get a miss in a rhythm game

I do that shit all the time

>Physically turn when playing Mario Kart or Ridge Racer
>Destroy every canister/pot/barrel to find bonuses/secrets
>If a mission makes stealth possible, always try to ghost it
>Choose the nemesis of my friend's character in Smash/choose the home stage of my friend's character to humiliate more
> Fall with character after a ring out
>Stomp opponent with Siegfried after a KO

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if there is a map editor, I spend hours, days, weeks, months even, making custom maps (ESPECIALLY in RTS games, I make my own campaigns). even if nobody plays them. even if nobody even knows they exist. I just do it, I spend more time on them than on the game itself.

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Not really vidya related, but I sometimes find the instrumental versions of 2008-2010's buttrock/metal and lyrics and sing, imagining myself in some Yakuza-like karaoke minigame, where the surroundings transform into a stage while you feel cool as shit.
I also only listen to music which is not videogame-related, but I think would fit an action game with licensed OST. I once had more fun than intended by playing through Kingdoms of Amalur with Disturbed on the background. Everything felt so synched up and seamless it just clicked.

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Trying to stealth through games that don't belong to the stealth/espionage genres.

I don't know why, but I used to abuse Toad in Mario Kart 64 but crashing into him with a star while playing as Bowser. Seeing the little fucker fly into the distance was so goddamn satisfying.

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Any game with vehicles that let you toot the horn, I just drive along tooting at random.


What do you mean "did"? Get out here norman. I have actual autism plus ocd and I find it particularly important to leave evnironments as intact as possible which can be very difficult in action oriented games. If tables get knocked over or items drop from shelves, I can spend up to 20 minutes setting everything back up to normal. Worst are the games with early bouncy ragdoll physics, and also games where windows get shattered because I can't fix that. Deus Ex: Human Revolution gave me nauseating anxiety because those damn fire extinguishers kept falling from their wall mounts and I had difficulties placing them back in their original places.

Please look into the half life alyx bootleg mapping tools, there’s already playable non-vr maps and the assets are just too kino to not have more maps made with them

I have nut so many liters just with posing tools and the inflation tool in Gmod

The ability to make big ass n thigh with any character from the workshop was mind opening to me

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youre kidding
theres no way man

Watching the intro FMV beyond the first time.

I think about it too and realize "holy shit I was such a faggot"

but I'm telling you man it just hit differently. Being able to do all these poses and shit with literally anyone I find slightly attractive was like the holy grail of horny teenage hormones

It was like I was Michelangelo and these ragdolls were my statues

>have 3 bullets left in gun
>shoot them at nothing instead of just reloading
Your ammo pool magically loading itself into different magazines triggers my autism. Thanks a lot RO2.

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for a long time whenever i'd say something in a game, i'd say it out loud

Like the vidya music.
Make a YouTube playlist on your favorites.
Listen to it in the car in front of friends instead of listening to normie artist trash like Carti B.

every time something bad happened to me, I would say
>such is life in the zone
>get out of here stankep


I would try my best to save every marine in Halo. If even one died I would restart a checkpoint.

For an entire year I copied Kyle Hyde's hand gestures when speaking.

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I maxed out 999 Frog Coins in SMRPG while trying to get the best time on the Koopa Klimb mini game.

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I used to try to make things "forcefully" cinematic
Like I'd purposely inconvenience myself just to feel like I'm in a movie or whatever.