Will you play the long awaited anime MMO Blue Protocol™ by Bandai Namco® once it comes out?

Will you play the long awaited anime MMO Blue Protocol™ by Bandai Namco® once it comes out?

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Does it have a monthly subscription? Because that's the first warning sign that it's going to be another pay2notgrind.

>game is called blue protocol
>blue filter over everything

which came first, the name or the filter, or is it named after the filter? either way game looks like shit

Unfortunately the gameplay doesn't look very appealing.

if it has lolis yes

If it's good, sure.

>no pvp
Deal-breaker for me.Combat also looks kind of boring.
Add pvp and more classes and you'll have my attention.

It has one

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only one?
i'm not convinced
can i create a loli character?

Seems to be pretty okay, I'll give it a try.

Isn't it JP only? I'd love to play it but it'd be a hassle to find a good group of people to play with that speak English and also latency

yet another game that being a geographical pinglet will make unplayable for me

it looks kinda boring

it will release internationally too we just don't know when

Graphics look nice enough, but the combat looks as though it could get boring fast.

Oh really? That'd be cool.
Last time I checked the devs said they had no plans for an international release, but that was like a year ago

>Allow people from oversea to sign up for Closed Beta Test
>Literally one day before it starts, they went "Hurr durr we don't allow gaijin here" and ban anyone who registered with an oversea IP
Fuck Bamnam

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>bamco, some of the biggest dlc scam artists and shovelware makers in japan
>an MMO but it's not even based on the IP they own that was a series of jrpgs literally set in an MMO, instead it's generic isekai-style fantasy world
>mmo on console so it'll be limited as shit and full of loading screen gates just like FF11 and 14

you couldn't make me less interested in this game

this means it'll have it's own servers that run delayed from the japanese version constantly

>mmo on console
But it's not?

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I'm definitely going to play it, so far it looks great. Also I love how PvPfags seethe over this game.

>not even an mmo just more instanced shit
>dungeons just look like damage checks and nothing more
>no interesting races
>no interesting classes
>no interesting mounts
Looks pretty i'll give it that.

Bamco hasn't published a single good game in nearly a decade. Weeb Shit Lobby Simulator #9825 isn't going to change things, faggot shill.

what lobby

With name like that i know what this is going to be like, no thanks. I know what this is.

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I will because it'll be another fix for my grind/gear/action/looter addition. BL3 failed to cover it and so I'm back to PSO2 after about 700 hours in D2.

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They told people from day one not to sign up if they weren't couldn't understand Japanese. (or lived in Japan) And it caused problems anyways because a bunch of faggots who didn't understand it tried to play the game got frustrated and started saying poor shit about the game. Over easy shit that was explained in the first few tutorials.

This happens in every alpha/beta like this.

I'll try it out but nothing about it felt like it would have me stay for a long time.

MMO's are dead, and should stay dead. As it is, no one talks in them anyways. No one communicates, they just auto path to their next quest, click as fastly through the flavor text as possible, and then min/maxes their leveling process.

Stop being a nostaligafag and look for the forest through the trees.

>No healer class
I have never been more interested in an MMO.

Sounds like bad game design more than a problem with the genre