Name a game with more soul

Name a game with more soul

Protip: you can't

>the characters, more than the series has ever had before or since
>the secret characters
>the dozens of cheat code characters
> every level having unique music
> that narrator and general sound design being unique and extremly memorable
> every level having a unique theme and gimmick and every world having two sets of unique enemies
>your characters appearance subtly changes as you level up
>getting infinite anti-death for beating the final boss
> the silly text written on things you weren't supposed to be able to read
> that fucking screen saver if you afk
>every single level of the dream world
> cloud 9
>3 final bosses and worlds

We will never have a game this good again.

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food is good

Oh yeah, and the opening cinematic, which I will never be able to forget.

Sucks that the secret characters don't upgrade their appearance. Awesome game though.

Are you sure? I could swear the Medusa gets some like, gold trimmings as she levels up.

Used to play this game a lot with my dad way back in the day. Kinda wish I could play it with someone again.

I was wondering today if dolphins online functions would work with this game. I've never used them before so I have no clue.

Yeah. They get the familiar but the Minotaur's axe stays a hatchet forever.

I literally can't. I replay this game at least 2x a year

I'd have no clue if it does, but if it did it'd probably be fun as hell mucking about with a whole squad of dickheads from the internet and raging about the fucker stealing all the food

Jester best character

>steals your loot with superior speed
>flying rat familiar
>batter up!

you just reminded me I dled this for ps2, but still havent set up a way to use SMB since I moved my ps2 downstairs, might have to route a long ethernet

i played the ps1 gauntlet game a long time ago.
got around to playing dark legacy last year and it was really good.

Heh. Gauntlet 2014 feels more like a proper Gauntlet game anyway.

I could've sworn I dont remember having infinite anti-death after beating Skorne and Garm. I thought it just lasted for one stage. Maybe I'll boot it up again on the PS2.

I grew up playing it on ps2, but recently got to try it on a GameCube emulator. GC dark legacy is far superior for how it handles items alone. You can save items and cycle through them. Nothing has to go to waste.

>can play the entire game as a chicken

I don't know why they did it, but I love it

Proper or not, dark legacy is infinitely better


Red Wizard
needs food badly!
Red Wizard
is about to die

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Mein negger

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Blue Wizard needs food BADLY

>mashing A on a group of enemies
>press Y and watch my character twirl and all the enemies fly back and die

The melee in this game feels really clunky, but I still do it just for the feeling I get from that finisher.

its not the same?

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What color m'jester Bros? Blue here

>he didn't play Gauntlet DS

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Biggest difference is that the GC version has a crude inventory system that lets you keep items you buy and pick up rather than burning through them instantly

I'll be green, I like the 3 tipped hat.

This game hurt me. I waited for it, for years. I had money set aside to preorder it and everything. Did it ever officially come out? I seem to have a vague memory of playing it on my hacked ds.

it was finished but never officialy came out, a rom leaked years later