Nioh 2 Thread

What's your favourite Guardian Spirit?

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This thread is also a comfy refuge from the TLOU apocalypse out there. Post your hiddy, ignore the haters, the usual drill.

Nekomata of course

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Ironically fitting, at least they saved me 70€ and getting pissed off with the story while playing it

Rabbit, but I don't want to use feral yet so it's just sitting in my hut.



I bought the game, should I play it?

Of course

Are there more weapon types than in the demo?



>my favorite overall design
Hakutaku, he is a better Nekomata. Just wish he could talk to you while you got him attuned
>favorite visuals
Yumehami, he is very pretty and abilities are nice too
>favorite mechanics
Yagaterasu for that delicious unlimited ammo. Without the edgy 3 eyed raven I'd never get to 80% and more!

I want Oni and Tummychan to rub abs, if they're reading this please make it happen

Not yet
9 weapons may not seem like too much, but their moveset is very different from one weapon to the other

Not him and I didn’t play the final demo, but the full game has all of the weapons from Nioh 1 (sword, dual sword, spear, axe, kusarigama) plus it’s DLC (odachi, tonfas) and two new weapons (hatchets, switchglaive).

Suzaku from Nioh 1 because of auto Living weapon instead of dying if your amrita gauge is full.

There is a similar one in 2 as well.

i want kasha to pick them up like dolls and rub them together against their will

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It's not like they'll try to fight back

I use Masaru the most, but I do like Hakutaku (?), the goat dude.

Remember when whitekeks had the lead at the start of the week for a few hours and they thought they were going to win for once? LMAO

Delete this, they're not for lewd

How are you running 80% untouched? At most I'm hitting 60%

I honestly like they decided to switch some clans, it was way too unbalanced before

Fuck you, I'll make it happen some day even if I have to commission it

Is there a giant snake Guardian Spirit? If so than that one.

Wouldn't be the first commission.

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Do we even have references of them?

Yeah, big white snake called Genbu I think. Or is Genbu the turtle? Either way, there's a a Big White Cobra

Based, I will now buy Nioh 2 Samurai Bogaloo

We have this and some pics of them, but it's not much, if they gave us some nice shots...

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I see there are still chads among us

Every armor piece with inherited unlimited ammo nets me like 81 percent. Plus full yaga set and spirit. Plus weapon and accessories.
I didn't notice how it was an imperfect roll tho I could've had like 84 %

Stop it!

Shirohami is a gigantic albino Viper. It spits poison, can fly, and has a necklace of beads.

I've not really gelled with any Spirit as much as I did Karajishi in Nioh 1.

I do like the big ol' whale for my saturation Tonfa build tho. So hes probably my favourite.

Karajishi was really something else tho, that was such a fun spirit.

I keep hearing this but I never found it. Does the description go by a different name?

Ah right, I'm forgetting about inheritables. 60% has worked out for me so far but I guess working towards 80% will give me something to do until dlc drops.

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What weapon are you rocking fellow ranger Chad?
For me? It's the hand cannon.

What do the percentages mean? Equip load? Health?