Your verdict?

Your verdict?

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Its basically a more polished warband but thats also exactly what i wanted. The combat is fucking great

This, i'm pretty satisfied. Only thing i want is more armor and custom siege servers for multiplayer.

Literally perfect, hope the devs continue on the success of the game and don't fuck it up.

Its fucking shit and im mad I have to wait another 8 years for it to be finished


played for a few days and dropped it, Ill wait until a proper release and mods

I love the new combat with better sieges etc, and the UI is also far better than it ever was in Warband, so I’m pretty happy with most of the core improvements. It’s just that there’s not *that* much incentive to play it yet, because it’s still very rough around edges, the overall balance is pretty fucking bad, and it obviously doesn’t have as much content as Warband with mods has.


Please gimme feasts because being a noble is fucking boring

That's how the Warband and MnB1 release went but within the year, they were amazing. 2 years and we'll have god tier overhaul mods

>within the year
Nice revisionist history it took literally years and years of broken buggy messes for M&B to get fixed. And the good mods didnt appear for years and years.

I can tell you're underage.

It's exactly what I asked for, and what I wanted. It's also not yet finished, so I'm reserving judgement in total. I got nearly 100 hours out of it before I felt like I was done for the time being, had a good run taking over the land with battania.

180 hours so far but been taking a break to play other things.

Early access.

It's pretty much dead already.

I bought M&B when it was 5USD and have had multiple discounts on all release titles ever since. MnB was barebones and I didnt say they were perfect, just great, you're filling in blanks. Dickplomacy came a few months before Warband's announcement and was ported relatively quickly. We have all these modders that can crunch that time even more. You're a faggot and I'm 35

>nerfing tournament rewards and making looters kill in auto resolve

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150h already
i have to put it on ice for a while
boy once mods start dropping...

>Within the year

Know how I can tell you are probably a zoomer?

Didnt read, nice try attempting to save face faggot but your first post proved you never played on launch.

Shut up newfag.

>didnt read but Im going to assume Im right anyway

Know how I can tell youre filling in the blanks?

Still needs updates before I give it the 2000 hours it deserves. only 60 atm

>within the year
Original release was a fucking shitshow for longer than a year. Only warband was okay at launch but still awful and again took like two years for them to fix basic features.

I bought MnB1 for 5 USD in early 2007 and played way more alpha builds than you. Original was a glorified flash game and we loved it

>tournaments turn 2ez4me after a while
>3 workshops, 1 caravan, 1 castle, 2 villages
>money just keeps flowing and I don't know what to do with it
>wars that I'm involved in always end up with us winning and taking cities/castles
Need some LOTR/AD1257/GOT/Floris mods for Bannerlord now, was kinda hoping it would suck me in for longer

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Was still playable and great, user's are just tryna show their epeens

Im a developer and played before anyone else, game was broken for years.

t. Roach

Firstly no you didnt, second you're still fucking wrong about the game being good and fixed within a year. Here is your last reply shitposter, get a life and stop trying to save face.

What? Did you miss the alpha? You could buy it for 5USD back in like late 2006 and get the full game on release, which is what I did. What are you on about?

I really did get it for 5 USd and again, I didn't say it was fixed just my personal opinion that it was great for what it was and what we had. Course it had glaring flaws, never denied that. What am I trying to save for? That I liked MnB ceven tho it's janky and every release since then has been just as janky and has been fixed faster than before?
I really dont get what youre on about