800h in Rimworld

>800h in Rimworld
>0h in committment mode
>0h vanilla
>0h without dev mode enabled

>friend picks it up, insists on playing vanilla only, hardest difficulty randy random on commitment mode
>friend quits after 15h

Why does this happen so frequently with dwarf fortress clones?

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The only reason to play Rimworld vanilla is to see how flawed the game is for when you start getting mods. That being said it looks like your friend doesn't know how to have fun.

if you ask the dwarf fortress community on how to have fun with the game, the boilerpot response is to just "lose" because "losing is fun"
However I feel like the game is much, much better if you play it using prepare carefully and as many mods and aiding tools as possible.

Despite the similarities, Rimworld and Dofo have very different approaches by their playerbases due the dev's style. Dofo let's you exploit, survive the game in many ways mby default, and it's more "let's see what happens this time" in a trully unweaved story. A fairly complex game with many variables.
Rimworld, despite what people says, is a more straightforward experience due the low impact you have on the world, but specially since whenever people finds a new way to exploit the game, Tynan enrfs it to the ground. So in the end, you get a complex base that ends up streamlining tiself to the same. The only fix to that is mods, with which you can succesfully craft the exact experience you want. I have friends doing full tech, autistic /k/ runs with +20 pawns while I'm focusing on tribal, medieval only runs wiht 5 mages.

Guess a TL;DR version would be:
It feels like you're fighting a hostile world in Dofo.
It feels like you're fighting the game in Rimworld vanilla.

Kenshi is another example that's kind of an inbetween point.

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>If you ask the dwarf fortress community
>Prepare carefully
Hold on a second...

i dont understand the appeal of rimworld when DF exists
although we live in the cursed timeline where toady got roped into spending years of devtime making LGBT dwarfs who write poetry and talk about their feelings, rather than doing cool dorf stuff

Besides autistically RPing a story in your head with dumb, handicap scenarios you force yourself in, there's nothing to do in Kenshi once you get a good settlement going on and killed all the major factions and boss NPCs in the game (while collecting all their best weapons).

Most Kenshi mods are also rather underwhelming too desu.

Rimworld have a bigger focus on the well being of your colonists individually, because you don't have that many people, while DF is more about the well being of your entire fortress. You can't really compare them, that's like comparing DF to the Sims.

I always play a game vanilla before modding.

>0h without dev mode

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>i dont understand the appeal of rimworld when DF exists
direct control over pawns, setting, graphics, more customization for pawns, games feels real-timish rather than tick-based, modding is much easier, smaller scale (you'll probably never have more than 30 pawns) and better performance
it's like comparing minecraft to terraria, one wouldn't exist without the other, but both play very differently

>he didn't install the porn mod from the start
>he doesn't enjoy giving every living being in the game a mind shattering orgasm through dev mode

Because DF is a bad DF-like.
LGBT dwarves is an utter spook that only retards get mad about.
The actual sane people care about:
>farming system still being shit
>trading system being shit
>AI getting full retard when enemies get near
>job manager being clunky as fuck
>dorf UI being so inadequate you pretty much need the rapist
>crafting system being set up so that the only good way to use it is to have one legendary nigger churn out a given category of items
>gorillion useless feelings and jobs that just bloat UIs
>no way to check if there is a monster-passable path from one place to another, meaning having to manually check all z-levels
>cooking system still being shit

as you should

Modern/scifi setting and a function UI.

I would start playing DF again if there was a mod that made the game have modern elements to it.

>LGBT dwarves is an utter spook that only retards get mad about.
I dont care about LGBT dorfs I just dislike the fact that the psychology/poetry/lgbt updates took precedence over economy and magic

The core problem with DF is that it tries to be a world simulator first and a game second. That's the whole point of the project, but also why I despise it.
Rimworld is a barren game, but at least there exist countless amounts of mods to bring flavor back to it.

The last DF clone I played was Meeple Station.
It fucking sucks nigger ass.

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>DF infos in the last month was about tileset
>despite the fact Toady mentions some things need serious rework

>tribal start
>summer hits
>halfway through summer sudden cold snap
>all crops die
>only animals left are boomrats and timber wolves
>eventually get to winter
>still in cold snap
>-30 in a fucking temperate biome
>haven't even researched complex clothing yet
>surviving on hunting everything that won't kill my hunters
>cold snap finally ends
>already most of the way through winter
>"now i only have to hold on a bit until spring"
>pawns are starving and cold
>one flies into a rage and murders some dude because of low mood
>bonded pet warg goes insane and downs everyone
>man in black arrives and is promptly killed by bugs in local caves
>volcanic winter

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Ive only played DF and rimworld for a few dozen hours each so my opinion doesnt mean much, but the fact DF builds this giant insanely complex world and you're in charge of a tiny miniscule band of dorfs is what makes it so charming. Its you against the world, literally. DF is a weird "game" because its relatively easy to metagame things so it's hard to get overrrun if you know what you're doing. So you artificially gimp yourself to make things more "authentic" instead of powerleveling your military with danger rooms and turtling in your base with an infinite supply of eggs and beer. I didnt spend as much time in rimworld and Im not sure why. It just didnt hold much interest to me. It felt a lot like prison sim to me, honestly

I'm sick of pawns going through infested caves, they're clearly not taking the shortest path, and then get raped by the bugs if I don't monitor them all the time.
It's like those caves have a high priority path or something.


come on now...
DF is not even playable without peripheral tools...
Not to mention a lot of it is completely unbalanced.

>I didnt spend as much time in rimworld and Im not sure why
Same thing, honestly for me it's mostly because things in RimWorld don't make sense, you get random events, people raiding you from the other side of the planet and the world itself doesn't change without your input.
Meanwhile in DF, things happen for a reason, I spent enough time that eventually my human traders stopped coming and goblins were starting to siege me because they took over human towns nearby for instance.

I like that those things happen in DF but I'm willing to forgo them to have a playable game. DF was my go to game when it was basically the only game on the block doing what it does. But now other games have come that take the elements I want to actually deal with.

DF loses its novelty after your first few bases. You quickly find out that you can be invincible to any kind of threat just by raising a bridge, trapping most dangerous monsters with wooden cage traps and training an army of hammerdwarves while you're in solitary. When you can't craft steel in your biome, you realize that you're stuck since all other non-late game materials are very much inferior and can't defeat hell reliably.

After that comes the second phase, construction. You start giving yourself handicaps and instead of playing to have a generic 24/7 colony going, you try to create great structures and overworld cities. When you're done with your favorite structure you reflect and ask yourself "What the fuck was the point of this?"
That's when you realize, DF is not a good game. Just a world generator. And no amount of modding can fix this.

>install RJW
>expect the game to turn into generic rape hentai doujin in which your female colonists become sex slaves
>my colony only has females
>they start raping the prisoners and raiders
>they all gain the "rapist" trait
>the more raids I defeat the worse it gets
>male colonist joins
>he can't take two steps without getting triple fucked by the other colonists
>mind broken, legs broken due to rapes, bed ridden
>they run a train on him every day.
I never asked for this, but it's not half bad.

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>DF is not even playable without peripheral tools...
And rimworld isnt playable without mods, so what's the point? Both games suck vanilla.

>Not to mention a lot of it is completely unbalanced.
You have to invent your own balance. Its kind of like playing dungeons and dragons or a tabletop game. Sure, you can metagame. But why bother? You roleplay a little bit and make suboptimal decisions

pretty much
dev tools in rimworld allow you to check for data such as base infection immunity gain which is very important to make decisions
mods allow you to balance the game for yourself, such as prepare carefully, scenarios and such
and savescumming allows you to actually play the game.

DF is a bad roleplaying game because it's too immersive and gives you no control over your dwarves.

Rimworld is more of an actual game than DF.

explain? I thought DF had a lot more engaging gameplay than RW?

I don't understand why rjw rapers don't actually rape for me, they just spam the rape message and constantly reposition the rapee. Same thing happens with whores trying to fuck guests.

>combat is too easy to beat
>fortress defence is too easy to cheese

>more engaging gameplay
the fact that it isn't engaging is the whole point

Absolutely not
DF has more complexity in terms of more interacting systems that you can dwelve into
But since the actual game is easily beaten in terms of surviving, you don't actually need any of that shit and you can be really inefficient barring some specific embarks. It's all about the roleplay of building a big fancy fort plastered with golden, ruby-engraved drawings of phallusses
RW goes the other way- the scale is much smaller, way less systems, but the game is harder in general, there's less ways to exploit it, you need to manage your resources better, way more micromanagement in general
RW goes the opposite

Rimworld is just a better game

a huge reason is legitmately the controls and graphics
There are a HUGE ammount of Rimworld Players who will refuse to touch Dwarf fort, even when using a Tileset because "muh graphics" and I have several friends who love rimworld and have played it exclusively one handed mouse only, which is something impossible in Dwarf fort

Nah, DF is more or less a simulator. You can meet the "win condition" braindead easily, everything after that is just dicking around.
Rimworld tries to be a game, I don't think it lets you properly lose, a new colonist will wander in or something eventually, but the game is pretty much built with ruining your plans in mind, giving you something you need to constantly work towards/overcome.

I always heard tales about how in DF you are also working against a "clock" as in eventually the enemies will overwhelm your fortress, and you have to never be behind the curve in terms of defenses and such.
Which is exactly what rimworld is about, you can easily fall into mental breakdown spirals if you don't manage it properly.