Why haven't you built your desktop yet?

Why haven't you built your desktop yet?

And if you did are you like my and in the cycle of needing to upgrade but waiting for GPU/CPU to be worth the upgrade?

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I have no money, fuck this covid shit and fuck quarantine.

made mistake and upgraded gtx 970 with a 5600xt, its much better but so many problems

my 1080ti I bought at launch is still good so I don't feel like I need to upgrade.

Made the good decision to upgrade from a GTX 970 to a 2080 Super and it's been amazing, not one single problem.

Out of curiosity why did you go with the 5600xt given all the extremely well documented issues?

Waiting for Corona to die down and the prices to hopefully get a bit lower. A 2080 is still so fucking expensive.

I have a 1050ti and I'm living comfy FUCK upgraders and fuck tranny shills

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Building it soon once I'm done with coursework and shit. Building a whole new PC going from my 1070 to a 2070 super. The real upgrade is everything else. 4th gen i5 to 9th gen i7. 16gb ddr3 to 32gb ddr4. NVME OS drive, SATA SSD for vidya storage, gonna be awesome

I did earlier this year, i have been building my own computer since the age of 14 and this most recent time i gave the least amount of effort to my cable management because of how shitty modern computer cases have become since the only thing people care about is RGB and tempered glass

Trying to save up for one. Can I build a decent pc for $800?

Also going from my 1080p 144hz monitor to a 1440p 144hz

isnt it obvious? im a retard. and i wanted to save money, couldnt find a 2060 for a good price in canada, 5600xt was like 379.99 whereas the cheapest 2060 are around 450, plus I thought it would be an easy bios update to make it closer to a 2060 super, but the updated bios is instant black screens for me. I have gotten it stable as far as I know , not using the newest drivers, but the ones that are on gigabytes site (yes its a gigabyte gaming oc)

>R9 390
>Waiting for the next wave of cards
I don't even know if they are even going to be worth the cost.

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I did it!

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My 970 is still doing ok for me, so I'll probably wait for nVidia's 3xxx cards and get some bargain.

covid is fucking everyone

why not get ryzen or 10th gen i7s which are i9 9900k's

bought a 2070 super just before lockdown started in my country, probably wont upgrade it for the next decade if ps5/xsex have raytracing and ssd

I have an R9 390 like him
I actually have the same CPU too. Should I upgrade that as well?

I was waiting to get a 5700xt on sale
is it worth the wait or does it have problems like the 5600 does?

I have less than a year left in uni so I'm not going to build one just to sell it

Built a new computer. My monitor is dvi/vga and my new 2070 doesn't have a dvi/vga slot so I bought a dvi/vga to displayport cord. It was working for like the first two days, but all of a sudden it's saying it's not connected. It only has one hdmi slot so I'm stuck with one monitor for now.

I recently built my own computer for the first time.
I bended the pins on my cpu, which in turn fried it.
Had to get a new motherboard and new processor. After new parts arrived i plugged my monitor first to pc, then to a faulty electrical outlet.
Not only did it fry my monitor, but made a hole in my motherboard.
In total I had to get three motherboards and two cpus
I guess I am both retarded and unlucky

only normies are effected by corona
nothings changed for most of us here

Does low frequency 3600 mhz Ram really make a difference in gaming? They go for over 150 dollars

high speed ram is mainly for igpus

My CPU seem to be fine but I also don't really have the money to buy a GPU AND a CPU so upgrading the GPU just makes sense.

Bro if you know you're incompetent just pay the fucking company to set it up for you before shipping.

is short, yes it makes a difference, but really doesnt matter that much unless you are on ryzen 1XXX, 2XXX, or have a beef cpu+2080ti that just wouldnt make sense without good ram (9900k, 3900x). Otherwise 3000mhz is fine, hell even 2400mhz would be fine, your gpu will make more difference

Nothing wrong with buying the parts yourself then bringing them to a shop for someone to put it together for you

Finally got a job, quit after three months, spent just under half my earned wages on:
>i9 9900k
>RTX 2080S Hybrid that doesn't fit in my case so the top piece is resting on a fan and heatsink (no issues, no noise)
>32gb RAM upgrade
>contemporary mobo
>2TB M.2 primary storage
>some 25" 2k Dell monitor
All that just because I wanted to get a fancy fast SSD to install Windows 10 on once 7 lost support
Bannerlord and Space Engineers are incredible at max settings and engine abuse though

I plan on getting ryzen 3600 or 3600x. Going over 100 for ram will eat into my GPU, nvme, or cpu cooler funds

Damn man. My first build I only forgot to plug in both power cable to the GPU and called Nvida worried I fried something. They told me about the 2 power cables and felt fucking dumb but worked out.

As for fucking up the CPU it's literally looking at the triangle. But if you really that scared and accident prone pay the extra bit to build it for you.

Oh yeah, that isn't an option right now due to corona

I bought a rx 580 with my covid dollars. I'm finally going to set up my VM and never have to boot windows directly on my computer ever again.

I recently upgraded my 5850 for an RX580. Bought it second hand for €100. Well worth it.

Last upgrade was in 2017, and there’s not that much point in upgrading yet. i7 8700k still holds up absolutely fine, and while GTX 1080 could use some more oomph after I updated to 144hz 1440p monitor, the current RTX lineup is so ridiculously expensive for relatively minor benefits that I just decided to skip it. I’m probably gonna go for RTX 3080 if it ends up being good and doesn’t cost your other kidney, but because this is Nvidia we’re talking about, I’m very wary about the latter point.

Built this just before everything went on lock down

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comfy quaratine station user

>All that just because I wanted to get a fancy fast SSD to install Windows 10 on once 7 lost support
Based retard.

I did, I just find so many components to be so overpriced for what they are too upgrade.
GPU's especially, CPU's not far behind. Even mice and keyboards are priced ridiculously for what they are