Grandblue fantasy versus

Post mains

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Haha imagine sneaking up behind them and ejaculating on their backs and then the semen drips down their asscrack.

For me, it's Katalina.

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is vampy in this game?


Zeta but I haven't played since like day 3 after release.

I'm torn between Zeta and Zooey.
Somebody told me "Zooey if you want to be carried" and "Zeta if you want moderate effort for big dick damage"
I feel like Zeta is the one less likely to get nerfed any time soon, and they're both massively favored by Johnny. I just dunno.

>stealth buffs and no nerfs to Yggy
We still in there bros.

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Narmaya because I like the stance swapping, gives me alot of buttons to work with

I main the girl with the cannon, I don't know her name. Angela or something. I saw her in the anime.

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Zooey with dizzy color.

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why are all girls like this?

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what a stupid bitch, I can't see Street Fighter

Give her a Ram color too

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Dropped the game because netcode. Glad my waifu Zeta got buffed. I actually put some effort in to learning her frame data and combo routes but they initially did her dirty. Soriz and Zooey seem cool

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I wish I was metera's panties

I wish someone would post lewd Draphs

God I hate this smug potato so much I just wanna fucking mash her

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She is too pretty, I feel like I must always win when playing her so I can see this smile.

>stealth buffs
Like what?

the epitome of shitty, lazy, modern anime art

source good sir?

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thats the entire artstyle
can cancel any part of his auto combo now, gran got the same buff but he uses it better in his aa ch2h combos to give them even more corner carry, while lowain wouldn't benefit much from it cause he literally has no combos compared to the rest of the cast

Post Metera

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That picture sucks

I'm one of the few people in this globe who's sticking with Lancelot, occasionally playing Soriz on the side.

For me its

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Is this better?

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Post her butt user


Good on you for sticking with him despite nerfs.

ArcSys must have enough Cygames money by now to go back and retrofit the game with decent netcode, right? It's coming after season 1 ends, right?

That would be the dream. We'd definitely have to wait until Strive is released though, once thats out I really hope they start porting netcode over to other games.

Zeta's only ACTUAL flaw early was her really shitty 2H hurtbox. It made no sense. However I think it's crazy how Zeta players still downplay the character in general even though she's really fucking good, she's just not SSS levels of braindead.

Same author as this?

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