Adeleine Just Shot Ribbon

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these again? I found your thing on newgrounds once. nothing but MS paint porn of the two characters doing number 2.

Post a picture of yourself or no balls.

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lol it's funny HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

> I found your thing on newgrounds once

& Don't Forget All The Gore Too

sure. can't say you werent warned about the contents tho.

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>This guy is actally an adult
I always thought he was a little kid.

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this is what happens when acceptance movements don't let parents send their disabled's to therapy.

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you know your newgrounds opens you up to us finding out everything about you? not like anyone would care... but those kids who will raid and pester you until your end yourself.

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alright, i had my fun. you go have fun jerking off to Kirby Guardian Adeleine


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I Seen That Series Too. Ok. & I'm Gonna Add Memes On It Too

could you give her a cooler gun like a desert eagle or give it a tiger skin i just think that be cool

Yes. It Will Be A Good Request

how much you wanna bet i can beat you at your own game? I'm suddenly in a trollish mood.

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Watch This Video:

Jesus Christ, all of this trolling and baiting feels so....light hearted compared to other threads. Make sense considering it's the kirby community...but still. It's just fucking strange when it usually dissolves into wojaks and telling people to kill themselves.

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Is your name really Katherine, Ribbon Killer?


I Wanna Post The Older Images Here In Order To Make It Archived

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Where did it come from?

this person probably faps to loli in-front of his parents.

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From Facebook

Why Not Kill Tiff

I think this guy was molested by his parents.

Can Kill Characters That Are Non-human

I Mean *can't Because Of The Typo

Why do you like Kirby so much to wish death on a certain character? What did K64 did to piss you off?

It Has Polygons & Shit Like That, I Like Other Kirby Games

Like what games?

Kirby's Adventure & Kirby's Dreamland 3

It's a breath of fresh air.

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Why Are U Posting Gore???

Why are you posting gorn?


Posting Another Previous Image

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you have no balls, post selfie or no balls.

What Is Gorn???

Meant to say gore, but same thing