Horrorkino is literally free on Epic games store

Why aren't you playing, anons?

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I don't really like horror. The only thing I've ever enjoyed has been Eternal Darkness, and I dunno if that even counts as horror.

It's always free on RARBG

Everyone has played Amnesia already


i havent

Everyone should already fucking own Amnesia already

if you don't, then you're a newfag

Already got it for free on Steam years ago.

hasn't it been like 10 years since it came out? Feels like so long.

I may as well ask here, how is the Call of Cthulu rpg that was released about a year ago?

Free games don't make for a good selling point for your service when piracy is piss easy these days.

Nobody cares. Literally every steam trading thread people have Amnesia in their “have” category and nobody wants it because oh wouldn’t you know it, they have it in their “have” category too


I already got it for free on Stram years ago

Both games were free a while ago on Steam, without the chinese malware as well

Hide and seek simulators can barely be called horror

you shills used to be more creative


If you don't own Amnesia by now you must be underage or a third worlder.

>walking simulator
Nobody cares

I never got Yas Forums's hate on amnesia
Comparing to the other trash in the """"horror""" gerne amnesia is still genuinely scary

Horror is for low IQ people. Just like zombies and gore and oh, what a coincidence! All three are usually present in the same game or movie.

Not everything has to be a deep sherlock holmes mystery
There's nothing wrong with turning of the brain and enjoying this dump shit

That because youre a dumb zoomer

I thought that zoomers were all over this game since everyone of their favorite e-celebs already played the shit out of it

Amnesia literally kickstarted youtube lets plays. It's the game that made Pewdiepie who now has more subscribers than most countries have populations


literally who?

its popular so it must be hated here. you know the rules

>hide n seek simulator

if you let e-celebs affect your opinion of this great horror game that's your problem
penumbra 1-2 are also awesome. SOMA has amazing environments but stumbles a lot

it was free on steam years ago IIRC (that's why I have it there) and it's probably trash because I didn't even bother launching it

>steam libary
>I didn't even bother launching it
yeah no wonder

calm down steamie, your caps lock is broken, its 2020 everyone has 100 free egs games

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Because I'm not falling for the EGS jew.